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Poem of the Heart

  The sadness within is self-inflicted

Giving my heart to a stranger, a woe

Time is as unforgiving as the witness

To the strangulation of my love that’s grown.
Each to his or her own danger

Of loving the jailor of your heart

Mine is such a tragedy

For I find it impossible to part.
Take heed from my experience

Keep safe the pumping organ inside

Save it from the myriad of tragedies

Blowing in with life’s flowing tide.

Pic courtesy of 7-themes.com 

Losing You

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Find Me

Find me.

Find my worthless heart.


I don’t know where to stop.


I can’t be that sort.

That gives it all without a second thought. Continue reading

Poetry Inspired By Mihran’s Music

The crisp rustle of folded paper

Ink stains dancing in vain

Words walking in sequence

Sending a message of pain.

Tear stained cheeks flushed with anger

Each word set in stone

On rippled waves of paper

Leaving me all alone.

Copyright held by Eloise De Sousa (2015)

Let’s Talk About Love

What if love isn’t so straight forward? What happens when the man of your dreams turns back into a toad? You’re left with a broken heart, several kilos of chocolate depression that turns into fat misery whilst he waltzes off with his new love. What then? Continue reading