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Good Prevails

Ebola is back – not that it left this planet. The number of people suffering and dying from the disease is increasing by the day. The government, doctors, the international community and local authorities in Africa are struggling to contain such a deadly virus and we all wait with baited breath to see how fast it spreads.

We cannot turn our heads from the horrors unfolding in Gaza. Families are being torn apart whilst we eat our TV dinners and flick to a different channel because it’s too gruesome to watch. Ukraine, Russia, Syria, the list goes on and on. What happens when all this reaches us? How do we react when our children die in our arms, men tear our houses down because we believe in the wrong religion, disease creeps up while we sleep peacefully in our beds? Will it be too late?

As you might know from my previous blog, My Armageddon, I do believe we are passengers in a blind man’s car with its backside on fire rolling towards the cliff edge of insanity! But, what I would like to point out today is the good that counteracts the bad. Whilst those that try to corrupt and destroy go on their merry way, there are the quiet heroes working tirelessly to rebuild or repair the destruction. The doctors, volunteers, officials who make the effort to fight for good. They might not be superheroes in capes and spandex but their selfless actions inspire even the most lazy person, me! We have hope. Without it, we lose the will to keep moving forward.

Each of us have the capability of adding to this goodness. The Good News Network offers positive stories to promote even the smallest, kindest deeds. There must be more sites like this. I just haven’t bothered to find them but they are out there. Tipping the scales – if enough of us move the world away from the crazy, maybe we stand a chance. One good deed, that’s all it takes. Build the habit and we retrain ourselves. Okay I’m standing on a soapbox and will need to pull my own weight. I realise that. I challenge all of you to try it. One good deed a day. If you can do more, all the better. If you say you can’t, think of the alternative.

Let’s move this world together. Stepping down from my soapbox now!

Picture courtesy of scienceblogs.com