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Monday Coffee

Hi!  Here’s your Americano coffee with a slice of triple chocolate cake.  I hope you don’t mind me choosing the cake.  It’s a special treat to celebrate this past week’s hard slogging.

There’s Jess and Natasha sitting on the big yellow sofa close to the stage.  I can’t wait to hear Mihran and his band play. Colleen and Hugh are discussing their exciting works in progress with Ron, who is sifting through the latest Haiku submissions.

I am feeling very pleased with myself.  After removing all the patio slabs and pallets infested with spiders and indescribable creepy crawlies, I’ve managed to re-lay the slabs creating a new patio.  


 It’s looking neat and tidy. The disappointing fact is it took nearly three days to do it all.  Many interruptions and a lack of strength held me back, but perseverance paid off. 

    Of course, I ache! I have discovered muscles that haven’t been used since the last time I created the patio! The benefit is knowing I can still accomplish big jobs like this and watching my family enjoy the new layout all weekend makes it all worth it.
 How was your week?  Have you accomplished or completed your projects?  How did they turn out?
On the writing side of things, I’m making progress on the different books requiring attention. I hope you’ve had a chance to click on the Books icon on my blog.  It’s looking better with working links – something I should have addressed sooner. Sorry about that!

I’ve learnt to really appreciate my blogging friends over the past couple of months. Useful information and feedback has encouraged me to feel more confident.  Who knows, by next year I might just see a positive increase in my book sales if I keep this momentum going. 

How do you find your friendships help you through tough times?

Right, my tea is finished and I fancy another slice of that cake.  I’ll go get us a slice.