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Seventeen years ago, I proposed to my boyfriend. He said yes.

I said, “Why don’t we call the magistrate’s court and book a date?”

Hubble, “Yeah, okay”

So I called the courts to book a future date for our wedding. They only had appointments close to the end of July…unless…they had a free slot at 1.30! I whispered the news to him as the clerk held on on the other end of the line.

Hubble said, “So let’s get married today!”

A few hours later and several phone calls to family and friends and guess what? We got married! I got to wear a black suit to my wedding (a personal choice that probably broke my mother’s heart) and the people that turned up were the ones that usually made an effort in my life. Perfect!

I forgot to mention the reason why we both had a day off. It was to attend a family friend’s funeral.

After the wedding ceremony, we returned home for a quick toast and then made our way to the church for the funeral. It was a sad but beautiful occasion. As I stood at the graveside, I thought how quick life changes and how we can’t take anything for granted. The man who had passed away was only in his forties and left a young family behind.

Happy #Wensfriesday everyone and I hope you will raise your coffee mugs or glasses with me for seventeen years with the Hubble. He’s a good egg when he want to be!

Oh by the way, the special #Wensfriesday treat for this week was Kit Kats!! Yum!

What was your special mid-week treat?