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Monday Coffee

What happened to summer? As we stand out under the stars the cold wind makes my bones shiver!  I’m glad you’re keeping me company as we wait for our turn on the Ferris wheel.  The fact that our Monday Coffee has moved to a Fun Fair is pretty fantastic since I love fast rides.

Whilst we sip on hot chocolate and watch children run by smelling of candy floss, tell me about your weekend.  What did you get up to? I had a wonderfully relaxing one with our puppy taking prime position in our day.  As much as my son swore to never kiss the dog, I catch him constantly cuddling him and giving him kisses!  The family is rotating and moving forward in a new direction again.  I can feel it and it’s wonderful.  How is your family?

Would you like a hot dog?  They always taste better at the fair.  I suggest you don’t eat it unless your tummy is not prone to up-chuck on the ride!

Earlier today, I started working on The Iron Pendulum again and that is one big roller coaster ride.  I have to keep knuckling down so that I can finish it before the end of this year.

Right, it’s our turn.  Do you have your ticket?  Whoop!  Let’s go!