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Walking in the Rain

Henry, my dog, insisted that we take our daily walk during the torrential downpour today in the south of England. As I thumped out my wellies (in case of spiders) and donned my weatherproof coat, I considered how lucky I was to have a dog like Henry. 

Many walks have led me to this same conclusion. It’s not because I love the trickling wetness soaking through my layers or enjoy sweating into my socks and shoes on a blisteringly hot day – no! It’s because I often ponder on life itself and use my walkies time wisely. 

Today’s epiphany came as I cleared the gorse bushes on the path next to the stream. I was ambling up the gentle ascent to the top of the hill when it occurred to me that humans search for company in many ways. Whether through friendships or forced acquaintances, we require some form of companionship to enable us to function. 

Then came the question: do hermits require some form of stimulus to write decent dialogue for their books, or are the voices in their heads enough to produce decent discussions? Of course, Henry had his own opinions on the matter but refused to share them with me… 

…which brought me back to my conclusion about companionship. We seek out relationships with people that stimulate us in various ways: some to enhance intelligence; others to broker a love interest or mild infatuation; friendships to re-affirm our self worth and enemies to blame for our shortcomings. Out of all those, can we honestly say we have found someone who truly understands us, body and soul? I wonder. 

My mind made itself up and decided that there is no-one out there who truly understands the different perspectives of me; maybe that’s because I’ve been looking in the wrong place. Maybe, after all this searching, I should have looked in a mirror and seen the one true person that understands and accepts me for who I am – myself! 

Do you feel the same way, of do you disagree? 


Another year. 365 days pass to contemplate a union forged before God and man. A chance to reconcile differences and celebrate unity. One day to mark the occasion. 

Forgetting might make it as trivial as say…breaking a garland; a friendship ring, perhaps. Forgetting, one might assume it wasn’t important to begin with. No celebration required for something you don’t value.

On the other hand, mutual discipline on days like this where it’s claimed to be celebrated everyday in different ways erases the sting, removes the barb – the salve being the knowledge that nothing needs to be said to make it more special.

Relationships are strange, or maybe it’s just me. There are unwritten rules marking territories in friendships that deem it acceptable to forget certain things and unacceptable to remember others! 

But an anniversary? Who is to say whether it should be celebrated or not? Who calls the shots in the relationship to declare it a commercialised war on each other to buy the most expensive gift that will join the others in the materialistic world we live in? Then again, a simple flower and kiss with, “I love you!” can make all the difference between a gift and nothing at all.

I think it all boils down to effort. How much are we willing to do for others? What does it mean to attach ourselves to one person; to declare that this human you chose  is the one you spend your life with till death? Do we actually believe in that concept anymore? What do you think? 


For the Jazz lovers, music lovers or those who just love a great story, this is for you. The unassuming style and a steady flow of interest make Trent’s writing thoroughly enjoyable. To follow the story from the beginning there is a link at the bottom of his latest instalment.

It’s #Wensfriesday!!

Happy Wensfriesday everyone! For all the NaNo bloggers out there, hope you’re battling through and making progress on your awesome stories.

This is the last Wensfriesday I will be 39 so let’s make it a good one.

Break out the secret stash of chocolates and help me celebrate the countdown to my birthday!

Have a great day…and the reason is you!

Thank You!

Woohoo! I’ve reached over a hundred followers! It may not be much to some, but to me, it means a lot.

Thank to all you lovely bloggers out there who follow my posts. It’s been eight months since I started blogging and I’ve met the most amazing people and struck up friendships with incredible writers, poets, philosophers, musicians…the list is endless! Sending out hugs and kisses to you all and I look forward to meeting more lovely people in the future.

Have an awesome Thursday!


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