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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #56 Luck&Hope

I missed last week’s challenge and couldn’t resist one last blog before bedtime tonight to make sure I did not miss this week’s prompt.  What better way to end the evening than doing a fantastic haiku challenge thanks to Ronovan!

The words luck and hope draw out many variations and combinations of words and meanings.  This is my contribution to this week’s haiku challenge.
Luck and Hope

With some luck she tucks
Hope away in empty heart
Freedom still distant

Yes or No Vote

Today is the day that changes the future of the United Kingdom. Scotland is going to the polls to decide whether they want to stay a part of the UK or separate and stand as an independent country.

I’ve listened to the arguments for and against, but can’t see a definitive position in either camp. All I can say is once this day is over, some will be celebrating their victory whilst the world watches, taking notes. No matter the outcome, the land of incredible history and beauty have influenced other parts of the conglomerate to question the benefits of being a part of unity, in a world where freedom of choice is stronger and within reach. No blood needs to be spilled, no declarations of war intimated.

Let’s take a moment to wish our Scottish counterparts good luck in a very important move in their country’s future. My heart goes out to you as you embark on your decision on independence.

The Essence of Freedom

Welcome to my first blog.  I hope you find it interesting enough not to run out of here screaming for a refund of your time!

I’ve chosen the topic of Freedom for my first blog as it seems to be trending this weekend.  What is Freedom?  I come from a country where freedom depends of which side of the colour barrier you sit and who you know.  I grew up getting the sense that I was superior to certain races and if I associated with them, I would be looked down upon.  My parents grew up when colours ranged like rainbow ice-cream, vanilla the favourite and as you got darker, the likeliness of favouritism grew less!  But that didn’t stop me from having friends from different races and walks of life.  I loved the fact that I could associate with anyone, not based on what they looked like but how they benefited my life.  Selfish I know, but honest.

The beauty of moving to England is the freedom of association.  I never stopped myself from associating with the rich, poor or mediocre back in Zimbabwe. In England, there is no barrier from associating with different races and classes.  We don’t look upon others as lower class or inferior to us.  Or maybe I’m kidding myself and I keep my rose tinted glasses on so that I don’t see the racism around me.  It’s easier to accept others for their personalities rather than the colour of their skin and their rank in life.  Sometimes the rich can be the most obnoxious, ignorant collective you could ever meet, but then again so could the working class or the poor.  It’s Freedom of choice that gives us our true nature.  We choose, rich or poor whether or not we want to be accepted by others.  We choose whether we will give to society and become part of the acceptable norm.  Those who decide otherwise are soon noticed and marked, publicly flogged but worshipped by some in private.

The governments that rule our fantastic nation feel the need to curtail our freedoms for the good of all.  School kids are demoralized and told that they are not studying hard enough.  Parents are told that they are useless and must follow protocols the Governments set in place to assist us in good parenting.  Schools are told that they are failing the nation and should adhere to more rules and regulations to make them fit to meet up to the standards of communist nations.  Is this Freedom?

I watch the news and the reports on Syria, Sudan, China; all the countries and areas fighting for freedom.  Freedom from oppression, hunger, greed, government.  We ourselves create this dogma that rules our existence.  Man-made rules for man-made problems.  As a Zimbabwean (now Brit), I ask myself if there will ever be a time where there will be peace and freedom for all and I know the answer is a definite NO!  Take away the greed of mankind, the maliciousness of religion and the lies of politicians.  Strip it down to a bare post-apocolyptic end and see if freedom is achieved once all these other parameters are removed.

The unfortunate reality is that we are trapped on this earth which governs itself.  We are the victims of floods, droughts and devastation.  Scientists are fighting over the argument of who caused all of this. We lived on this planet and yes we contributed to it but in the end we have no say over how it ends.  Mother Earth will readjust herself as she sees fit and destroy all we build, demolish palaces and shacks; eat away at the earth we so crave to own until she decides she has had enough.  We claim to be in possession of our own freedom and fight tooth and nail to hold onto it.  But based on what we have seen over the past couple of months around the world, I feel we are kidding ourselves.

Freedom is vision of controlling your life, even for a fleeting moment, before it is taken away by the elements around you. We don’t control those elements.  We are just victims of circumstance and time.  One day we will realise that the freedom we craved was right there in the realisation that we are free – free to live, smile, laugh, love, pro-create and die in our chosen way.  Our humanity.