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Last day

Last day of school

Works already gone

Submitting like fools

To the shopping throng
Get out our wallets,

Purses and bags

Time for festivities

January’s the drag!

Silent Night

The world is silent. Our beds hold us in a torrid affair of dreams and wishes, nightmares and darkness. Yet, whilst we hold our breath for morning to come, a figure stalks through our homes, his big red sack filled with wondrous gifts for the children and those who still believe.

Magical glitter sparkles across the living room where he has walked. Footsteps are traced outside to the half eaten carrots dumped unceremoniously by impetuous beasts travelling afar. They only have a few seconds to replenish their foods stock before flying off into the twinkling sky to the next lucky recipient of goodwill.

We wake in wonder, hoping for filled sacks and exotic sweets. The children open their eyes to the magic created and believe that a being so kind, so wonderful exists amongst us. For those unfortunate enough to grow up, the magic is lost and shared gifts come from loved ones. But deep down, in the recesses of our minds, I secretly hope we all wish for the Christmas Spirit shared by one jolly man. He who works tirelessly over a most important night to spread the cheer of God and show us that kindness, perseverance and selflessness still exist in a world filled with reality, hatred, anger and greed.

I guess I will always be a child at heart waking early and hoping my Christmas stocking will be filled by the big guy in the red suit!

Merry Christmas!

#Wensfriesday Christmas Eve!

What a special Wensfriesday it is! For myself and my family, the excitement begins today. Baking started two days ago with delicious home made goodies filling the empty cake tins and biscuit boxes we have kept all year long.

This year we have decided to make special hampers for each family and will be filling them with the goodies we have made. From bags of candy floss (yup we bought a candy floss machine!) to home made chocolate brownies, shortbread, Christmas sweets and cheese straws, we hope to bring some Christmas cheer to all our family with a home made touch. We can spend a fortune of presents they don’t want or need but I hope making an effort will mean more this year.

The children have all chosen something to add to the hamper, though I am battling with the youngest who feels that playing minecraft is far more important! The battle continues…

The Hubble has decided to make special Goan sweets (his family comes from Goa) and his speciality, eggnog. It’s delicious and with added rum, a bonus at the end of a long day of baking and creating.

We have our menu ready for Christmas Day too. Unfortunately my mum is not showing signs of improvement and might not be able to join us at home. But all will not be lost because we can always go to her and take her a warmed plate of Christmas dinner. It won’t be the same as having her home, but thank God we still have her here to celebrate with us.

I’d love to hear from you. What special plans do you have for Christmas? Do you make special treats and what’s your favourite recipe? I’m not a fan of Christmas pudding and prefer a nice cheesecake. What do you like? Don’t be shy, let me know! I love hearing from my readers. 😀

On the author front, I’ve finished my quota of personalised Christmas books for the year and hope the children enjoy them. It’s been great fun sending my special readers off on adventures to save Santa and his friends. I even had a return customer from last year which made me hopeful that my books are enjoyable enough to want another for this year!

Next year is going to be exciting with two adult books close to the editing stage and new ideas for children’s stories champing at the bit to be written.

The reassurance of of readers helps and I hope to reach more readers in the future (yes I’m looking at you with pleading eyes!). I have to commit to a more aggressive marketing plan. Yes, I can hear the laughter from here. Me…aggressive selling…hahaha! Well, if you feel like supporting me, please spread the word about my books or leave a review on my Amazon page. Ask for a copy of any of my books in your local library and make my Christmas wish come true! I will be eternally grateful.

Whatever you’re doing this festive season, keep well and stay safe. Sending you all festive hugs and special Christmas Spirit to light your way to the new year! xxx


Hooray for #Wensfriesday!

It’s a dreary day here in South England, but the weather can’t get me down! It’s nearly the 1st of December and the countdown to Christmas.

Now I’m crossing my fingers and making a #Wensfriesday wish that has one special wish at the top of the list…I wish it would snow! 🎶 I wish it would snow!🎶

Courtesy of BBC’s Boogie Beebies – a show my kids loved (and so did I!) when they were younger.

What would you wish for over the festive period? Nothing is too big or too small!

Have a lovely Wensfriesday!