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Bitter Love

Nuances once found endearing

Now grate against my skin

Scratching, screaming down my vertebrae

Telling me all your sins


Incompetence and flagrant misdirection

Needles picking at your inconsistency

Integral parts of my anatomy

Shouting out allegories against your existence


Deprivation within the biomass

This disorder known as yourself

Rip disregarded respect and faith

Away from all harmony; my loss, your wealth



Copyright held by ©Eloise De Sousa (2018)



Patterns. Soft shadows combining to make static fleeting memories of times now lost. Links once strong now severed with age and corrosive words. Excitement for the slightest smile passes through the cracks showing in aging façades, losing their enthusiasm as the patterns fade.

Gone. Tastes of laughter so succulent and enticing once upon a time now flavoured vanilla. The fast beating heart thrusting lusty thoughts of life and love but a distant memory, a pattern, a shadow now gone. 

Forever. Remnants of who we are remaining like flotsam in an overpopulated river praying for our removal. Young eyes watching, learning then dismissing our entitlement to life, to love – to be. In the end the days are counted till we depart as the days were counted for our entry to this world. A comical circle of shadows painted in a pattern of memories that will fade with time, forever.


Balking at your pure hatred of me
The sheer size of such ego feeds my curiosity.
Shirking warning signals from your horsey smile
Warnings blazing, telling me to run a mile,
I enter with bated breath to see how far you carry
A chip so large your shoulder looks saggy!

Beatings, abuse, neglect I feel
Not by your temper but lack of greeting skill!
Alas, should I cry with laughter or shame
At a lack of etiquette, upbringing of Cain?
Seismic laughs shake my brain
As you insinuate my existence is lame.

Poor integrity on your part I see
The last resort to un-name me.
Address my neighbour with such gusto
Eyes sharp as lasers to watch me cringe so.
As though I cared when in advance I declared you inept
And wash my hands of any predisposed debt
To allow you to shame me with your art of hypocrisy.
What you show your son, is that what you show me?

Un-hand the red letter, release your lust of hate
No apologies will be uttered to clear the slate.
Two cats as male lovers? Not I think.
You have a better chance of cleaning out a skunk’s stink!
The same emotions I feel for you,
You reciprocate with fervour
Ending my dealings with you. Therefore I shall not mention you further.