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Monday Coffee

 IMG_0545-4It is one of my favourite days of the week and today I really fancy a chat with you.  Shall we get a coffee at our favourite place?  Let’s go.

It has been an awful weekend with sadness overwhelming any happy moments that have occurred.  So many lives lost over the past week, both man made and natural events.  As we order our beverages, let’s take a moment to think of the families left behind.  

Now I don’t want to scream blue murder, nor do I want to cry and beat my chest in anger.  No, instead I want to raise my cup to the brave souls who have held an injured person’s hand this weekend, or stroked the head of a soul leaving this earth, comforting them in their last breath. It doesn’t have to be under the extreme circumstances, life tends to give us ample opportunity to care for others through all walks of life. I want to smile and thank the medical teams who work tirelessly to save the precious lives of our dear ones and miss their own families to make sure ours stay intact.  I’m sure you get the gist of what I’m trying to say.  It’s only in darkness that we see the stars appear, those beckons of light and hope in a world of confusion and fear.

As we sip our coffee, I’d like to know how your weekend panned out.  Did you achieve all you set out to do, or like me, did quite a few things fall off the list?  I would show you my plans for next year and how I have already set up ridiculous goals for myself and the family, hoping we at least touch some of them.  Did you know that this week, I will be one year older?  Not that it makes much difference as I stopped counting a while back.  My children thought they would do me a favour and picked up the habit for me, adding two more years to my age.  Such kind little sprogs!

How goes your NaNoWriMo?  Are you over the halfway mark yet?  My abysmal attempt this year has been hampered by work and a lack of motivation in my story.  The characters flop around helplessly in my head and should be fired! I need a fiery boost to get me to the end, which will be dire if I fail.  The children I have encouraged to take up the task will not be impressed by an adult who says but does not do.  What do you think I should do to kick my story into gear?

Of course, since we are sitting together, we should discuss cakes, even birthday cakes.  It has been mentioned how delicious the triple chocolate cake displayed at the top of this post looks very appealing.  I think this would make the perfect birthday cake, don’t you?  I hope you will join me for a slice as we discuss the future of my book and your projects.  

Mihran is just about to play a new song for us and before he starts, I just want to say thank you for visiting and sharing a cup with me.

Happy #Wensfriesday!

Today is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. For many, it will be the start of fasting and giving up something enjoyable for the next forty days. I stopped doing that a long time ago.

Instead, I prefer to try taking up something that will help others, be it volunteering, praying more (for others!), giving away necessary things for others in need or trying to say more positive things to others and avoid gossip. Sacrificing my favourite sweet or meat (namely Biltong!) leaves me craving and unhappy and I tend to forget the whole reason behind the sacrifice. I don’t like that feeling and would rather embrace something that brings me closer to my faith.

Unfortunately this week will not see me eating sweets as it is Ash Wednesday and I will probably be at the hospital with my mum where I refrain from eating or drinking anything (Germs! Germs! Germs!). My little miracle mother is getting better, contrary to the constant message of her impending death from her consultant. Strangely enough I haven’t seen him since her improvement, though I’m sure he will come tell me that he is happy with her recovery and as he told me, it could happen! Won’t be the first time this has happened. If she regresses again, well I will shake his hand and tell him he called it. Can’t do much more than that.

Wishing you all a positive Lent and enough stamina to stay the course if you do decide to give something up.

Love and blessings to you all.


Pic of my daughter’s Valentine’s Day biscuits


It’s Sunday morning and our mass starts at 10.30am. I lay in my bed thinking about the day ahead and all the different activities I need to organise for it. Get the kids up, make breakfast, get them to church on time. We have a friend who is an old lady and has been through a lot recently. She is very lonely and has asked on numerous occasions for us to visit with the kids. Today would be the perfect day for it and I consider the time scale to achieve this feat. Of course, we have to visit my mum too who is in a nursing home and just as lonely as Margaret.

The sun is positively glowing and a gentle breeze lifts the soft voile netting by the window. Magpies are calling each other outside and other birds are singing sweet melodies. The traffic is a whooshing sound in the distance and my house has the peaceful hum of children sleeping. Once I rise from this bed and begin the day, the noise pollution of the day ensues. Deep breath in and out. A sigh. Stretch my toes and feel the ache of age slowly catching up with me. The cats have heard me and start their relay race up and down the stairs until someone gets up to feed them. Probably me!

My husband awakens with a muttered good-morning and slinks off to the bathroom for his morning hourly visit. What is it with men and staying in there for hours? By the time he comes out, the children are dressed and fed, cats outside playing in the garden and we are ready to start our day. Maybe that’s the secret. Hide in the bathroom each morning and hope the day starts itself! I shall try it sometime soon.

Well, it is now 9.13 am and by my calculations, if I don’t get up soon and sort everyone out, including myself, we will never make it to church. Again! Because I’m laying here pondering what would happen if I just didn’t bother getting up. If I wiggled my toes, silently listening to the birds and the peaceful silence of my house for a little while longer.

9.15! Time to go.