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Book Tuesday – A Quiet Reflection

Do you ever feel your first draft of a post is so boring, readers might fall asleep trying to dredge their way through your mundane words?  I do.  I find it happening more often these days.  Finding a voice that is exciting and acceptable is like searching for chocolate chips in a brownie, totally rewarding and worth the battle through the cakey rubbish!  

In my first draft I was going to drone on about writing styles and the moving pictures in my head that turn into books.  Boring.  Next I was going to mention my focus of the week, Lance Greenfield and his new book, Knitting Can Walk.  Well, without an excerpt to tantalise your tastebuds, there’s no point really.  Of course it’s my fault the little draft is not ready.  I’ve been scratching away at the keyboard trying to tally up my word count on NaNoWriMo.  That’s my excuse anyway!

Before you drift off into a coma reading this drivel, let me update you on my project involving my dog and his baby teeth.  With some inspiration from fellow bloggers, namely Trent and Hugh, and my niece Freya, who brainstormed with me at a party, the name of the story will be The Dogfairy! To add some excitement to what might turn into another children’s snore factory, I’ve decided to illustrate the book myself (much to the amusement of my family).  Here is my first attempt at capturing my little doggy heroine… 

 At some point I have to contact the Police.  With all good stories, getting the structure and protocol of organisations correctly helps the flow.  That’s what is missing from The Iron Pendulum.  Once more research is done, I think it will be a better book – something I can be proud of distributing to you, my fellow writers/readers.

Moving on, I have to mention that my blog might get a bit sporadic again with its posts falling on incorrect days.  My apologies in advance.  Due to laziness and a lack of organisational skills, I will probably fail to prepare blogs in advance and will post as and when I get a chance.  I’m mentioning this because I missed my Monday Coffee yesterday.  Terrible to think I didn’t meet up with my regulars for a quick cuppa and catch up. Let’s just call it exciting November madness!  I will find another excuse next month as it draws closer to Christmas. 😊

Thanks for reading!