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Monday Coffee Kisses

If I kiss you on each cheek and give you a hug, will your return the greeting?  ‘Tis the season to be jolly after all and with the amount of affectionate hellos and good-byes I have shared over the past few weeks, it would feel remiss not to share the love with you.

😘Kiss. 💏 Kiss.😘

Compliments of the season to you.

The echoes of conversation and greetings are almost defeating around us and we muster our strength to squeeze through the crowd to the back of the coffee shop.  My mind drifts to the thought of the kisses I’ve shared over the year.  They almost seem insignificant in number.  Christmas is a very busy season for cheeks! I wonder if you suffer from the same affliction and grin at the thought of your cheeks under sufferance from the barrage of affectionate greetings.  

Why do we wait for a festive season to show copious amounts of love to each other?  Why can’t we share this feeling of joy throughout the year?  Granted, some do splash out on warm fuzzy greetings, but others save their hugs for special occasions.  How selfish!  Yes, I do realise that some overly affectionate greeters are unwanted advances and send cringy feelings of needing a shower after they have touched you, but regular family and friends sometimes save their best hugs for the blue moon!  I’m not a person that gives you the vibe that I’m huggable – in fact I’m sure some people get the impression that they might get impaled on my horns and tail.  I swear, I don’t bite…hard.  I have a favourite hugger who has stolen the first place for squeezy hugs from my Gran.  This person manages to evoke giggles from me everytime she grabs me and I can’t help but look forward to seeing her, just for a cuddle.  With every greeting she infuses warmth and throws a compliment, the icing on an enormously delicious, huggable cake!  Even her lipstick kisses tattooed over my cheeks don’t put a damper on her greeting.  Obviously, if someone else tried this form of salutation on me, they might lose their ability to walk for a while.  Just saying.

Whilst we wait for our order, share with me.  Tell me if you’re a hugger or do you share my same death stare that deters warm embraces?  Have you received your fair share of warm embraces this festive season?  I have one more special hug on hold for a friend who is no longer able to recognise her friends and family.  My embrace will be filled with all the love and friendship she has given me over the years, asking for nothing in return.  I promised to visit her before the year ends and I’m down to my last few days, hours, nay minutes.  I’m a coward because I fear my hug won’t be reciprocated; time is not kind to the elderly, especially those suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia.  But I won’t be deterred.  She will be my last special embrace before I say good-bye to a year of sorrow and loss.  

Your turn.  If you had a choice, for whom would you save your last embrace for 2015?


I feel like a music break.