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Smorgasbord Easter Parade

Happy Easter everyone!

It’s Easter Monday and we are all partying at Sally’s blog today. Bring your hat and something sweet to eat as we join the parade and say hello to some fantastic blogs.


Happy #Wensfriesday!

Here’s a little happy for your mid-week break.

Picture this: soft, grey clouds pouting in the sky, blotting out the blue. Does that make you feel miserable? Well, imagine a nice cup of something hot in your hand and a view of the forest, the park, a bustling street in the city – anything to brighten your dreary day. Imagine a huge hug wrapping you up in a warm, snuggly embrace and a whisper in your ear saying, “You are important to me!”

There. Hope your day is awesome and if you feel like reaching out, drop me a message. Sending you all hugs today.

Happy Wensfriesday.


PS. I’m linking you to my blogging pal Trent’s Weekly Smile. Send him a message on what makes you smile this week. Thanks.


Book Tuesday

Hi and welcome back to Book Tuesday.

This week, I will be reviewing a Mills & Boon romance collection called Taken by the Soldier. Continue reading

Monday Coffee 2017

Hi there!

It has been a while since I’ve invited you over for a coffee.  Blogging seems to have slipped under the radar as other activities have taken priority over the past few weeks. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and are rearing to go for 2017.

So, looking back over my previous posts, I notice a trend of promises made to my reading audience that have not been fulfilled. To say I’m embarrassed by this would be an understatement and I could go for a stuttered apology, but it would be a false one which I don’t think you’d appreciate. What can I say? Umm, sorry, I’m hopeless at keeping deadlines and delivering! I hope to do better in the future (though that is as far away from a resolution as I can possibly get since it will not happen).

I can promise you this: this year I plan to write. Some of it might appear here, some of it might appear in a twitter feed or on instagram (plug in promotional music to follow me here). I don’t want to lose you and I hope you enjoy my writing enough to stick around. There will be attempts at book promotions and feeble requests for you to spread the word about my new titles. Freebies will appear and creative stories will be volleyed in your direction, awaiting your feedback.

If you’re game and feel the need to be with me on this journey – great! If you don’t, will my crocodile tears and down-on-bended-knee begging sway your opinion? I’m secretly hoping. Yup, no new year’s resolutions or promises of greatness, just little old me writing my heart out for your enjoyment and feedback (notice that word just appeared again: feedback?).

Thank you for reading this to the end and the next post will be far more interesting. Oh, and if we were having coffee, this would have been done in sixty seconds and we would settle down to a slice of cheesecake and coffee.

Have a great day!