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Easter Sticky Competition

After watching the scramble to prepare our school’s Easter Sticky Competition today, the memories of how the inspiration for Cecil the Bully came about flooded back to me with glorious giggles. Continue reading

Happy Easter

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter filled with lovely chocolates or treats.

After a very wet dog walk this morning, my family and I are relaxing in the warmth and digesting a rather delicious lunch.  I will set up a treasure hunt later, once the first round of eggs have settled.

I hope you’re having a good day and send you all huge hugs and loads of love.  After all, today is a special day for rejoicing and sharing our appreciation for each other, no matter what we believe.

Peace and love to you all.  xxx


If We Were Having Coffee


I usually have my coffee date with you on a Monday, but I missed you so much I thought it would be okay to meet a day earlier. My hot chocolate is pretty weak today and something stronger is required. It’s Easter and I haven’t even wished you yet,so Happy Easter!! How was your weekend so far? Did you get a break? Continue reading