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Monday Coffee

Hot, sweet and tasty, wrapped up in a pretty mug, just waiting for you.  Come, join me.

Relaxing is the name of the game this week. I’ve managed to catch up with a few bloggers this week, namely Trent (who fell off a cliff and survived to tell the tale – and had a busy week last week!), Sarina (who has a lovely new baby to keep her busy) and Teagan ( who has something wonderful for you if  you take a look at her account). Hugh’s book is now ready to order from amazon and I have to say, some of the stories in there will make your hair curl.  I love it!

Grab a chocolate and let me tell you about my day.  Long story short: I relaxed. Yes, hard to believe (especially for my children who think I’m a robot sent to make their lives a living hell because I don’t sit down) – I chilled out today.  First the movies, then a little fun walking around the High street looking at the latest books (I call that fun, okay) and then, out of nowhere, the drop. I stopped at a local bookshop and as I trawled through the spectacular titles, I thought to myself – why are my books not here? Such a silly thought. Such a trivial little detail, but as the seconds passed, that thought grew into this big ugly thing.

It hit me. The reality of being an independent writer with the tripe of trying to cover the marketing of my own books and hoping, yes hoping, that one of my readers would actually follow through with a book review. I’m not good enough.  I couldn’t shake the feeling, a deep, resonant pain in my gut that ate away at the little self confidence I possess as a writer and screamed “FAILURE!”

The final cut was finding a book with a similar title to mine with a catchphrase on the front cover that described my book perfectly. So, this book was good enough to add to their collection but mine, apparently is not! I’m pretty ugly when I’m jealous.

You might as well pick your jaw up off the floor and drink your coffee. There’s nothing else to add to my day. Dinner was great.  I’m still unread, unloved and a failure in the literary world.  Oh, my the hubble tried to make me feel better. He told me that Vincent Van Gogh also waited for some sort of acknowledgement and it came – after he died. Thanks, Hubble!

I think I might swop out the coffee for Chardonnay.  All in all it was a nice day. How was yours?


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