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Monday Coffee

If we were having coffee, I would register the deep regret of meeting you at the precise moment the Notre-Dame Cathedral in France is burning down. Such an iconic structure with more than just a religious value to its history, we can only watch in despair.

It leads me to think about the values we hold as humans in a world focused on confusion of true facts and hatred rather than the good deeds that still happen and wonderful people who sacrifice for others. With a hint in the media that this fire may have been intentional and now bending towards accidental, I wonder why there are so many reports of hate crimes against religious buildings. Does this stop people believing or change their values? No. All it does is destroy and breed more hate.

If we were having coffee, I would point out that the Values we hold follow through all our lives, in every circumstance. If we succumb to hatred and cheating others of their rights, we become worthless.

Sorry it’s not a proper catch up. I’m just losing my faith in humanity and feel like I’m choking on my coffee.