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Raise your cup with me

Avoid the green spittoon

For dancing full of glee

We forget under the seduction of the moon
Raise your cup with me

Fair Sporalls of the night

The whiff of hoof and wee

Forgotten and out of sight
Raise your cup with me

Ye fair maidens with hidden gems

Gents fall at your long toenailed feet

Bidden by the temptress to rise again
Raise your cup with me

Hairy hollers to the divine

As we frolic beneath her beams

And succumb to music and wine

Beckoning to me…

The moon; she beckons with wanton abandon. Her glowing tresses weave their silken threads across the open field. Soft beams blend as her wondrous smile wanes on those fortunate enough to see her; fortunate enough to take the time to watch her dance. We stand there, admiring her finesse, mesmerized by the darkness draped behind her, sparkling with gems so beautiful it’s hard not to stare.

Peace envelopes our shivering bodies as she captures our attention again, flaunting her brightness. She knows just how beautiful she is and uses her assets to her advantage.  Even the sleepy birds turn in their hidden alcoves to watch the show.  

Time passes unnoticed as the sound of giggling imps and their loveable mutt chase each other under her watchful eye.  They know that their time is limited and squeeze the fun out of every second they are allowed to play under her watchful eye.Soft serenades float through the air; we are not alone.  Others have been drawn out from their comfortable homes to greet her, to watch her and admire her.  She beckons to them as she calls to me: dance with me.  Dance! Who can refuse such an invitation. 

With flittering feet, I alight the stars trapped in her dark cloak and jig to the soft ethereal music of the night.  She laughs at my sad attempts to emulate her beauty, forgiving my state of mad love in her presence.  After all, when the moon beckons, no-one can refuse to  dance.

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The Contortionists of Mongolia

By Christine Schindler Alongside some of the world’s strangest preserved traditions – such as Mongolian wrestling, bareback horse riding, and throat singing – is contortion. A dance or a feat of flexibility, contortion is the art of stretching and bending the body into unusual and various shapes, lines and positions. Influenced by ancient Buddhist animal […]


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I feel like a music break.  


Dance With Me…

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday with Silver Threading

Hello everyone!

This is my first time joining the weekly quote challenge and it is rather exciting. There are so many quotes I have enjoyed over the years and choosing my favourites is pretty difficult.

I’ve decided to go with one of the first quotes I received as a child in the form of a dance poster. I’ve tried to re-create my own and though I don’t thinks it’s as effective, it sends out the same message.

This quote is by William Arthur Ward and inspired me to dance! I’ve held onto it for as long as I can remember!


Thanks to Silver Threading for hosting such a fun challenge for Wednesday’s!

See you next week.

Dane Shitagi & The Ballerina Project

Beautiful photographs taken by Dane Shitagi of ballerinas from around the world. Art captured in exquisite detail.

Masquerade Ball!

I’m attending a Masquerade Ball and wondered who would like to go with me? Eclectic Alli is throwing the Ball of the year and it would be rude not to go, plus there is the hidden purpose of meeting the keeper of the threads. Come with me!

Eclectic Alli

I love Halloween.  Always have, probably always will.
Part of what I love is the ability to dress up in costumes and pretend to be something new.  I imagine myself into another world all the time in my writing, Halloween is one of the times when I can dress up and pretend off of the page.

For Halloween this year, I want to host a Masquerade Ball.  An epic party, and you’re all invited.  The doors open October 25th and the party will run through the  31st!

This is a huge house, with lots of rooms, lots of space, and lots of people.  What experience do you have in your little space of the mansion?  What costume are you wearing, or, who are you for the evening?  Perhaps some characters from a work-in-process are along for the fun?  Maybe something exciting happens?  This can cross mediums, and take any…

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demersi sunt in vobis – drowning in you

Dark velvet wings envelop my consciousness
Only stars in my eyes illuminate
The night time of my existence
Everything else falls back in sharp repose
Spotlight focused on you.

Slits of yellow shine in exuberance
Laughter gurgles from serrated smiles
Annoyed by their untainted delight
At my expense, my love
Disturbing our private enamour.

Life’s purpose falls out of perspective
Friends fade into oblivion
Sweet velvet darkness
My blanket of comfort and division
As I slowly drown in you.

Copyright held by Eloise De Sousa (2014). All Rights Reserved.

Pictured from plierelevelife.blogspot.com