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Book Tuesday

before-he-seesHello, welcome to Book Tuesday.

This week I have read a rather interesting crime thriller called Before He Sees (A Mackenzie White Mystery – book 2) by Blake Pierce.

Mackenzie White is young police detective pulled from the backwaters of Nebraska and recruited to Quantico as an FBI rookie agent. Already a promising student, she is chosen to assist in a series of murders that have the FBI chasing their tales. The pressure to prove just how good she is mounts as another body is found and the powers that be who have given her the opportunity have set a deadline for her to solve the case or lose her job and career as an agent. Flashbacks of Mackenzie’s own troubled past mixed with previous experience from solving the Scarecrow Killer murders, which bear a similarity to the case she is helping solve, puts her in a precarious position. With no-one to turn to or share the burden of responsibility, she is pushed beyond her limits, testing her capabilities as a true detective and agent.

When she is pulled off the case and returned to the status of rookie agent, her own perseverance in cracking the case pushes the powers that be to give her a second chance, but their own stubborn arrogance forces her to take drastic measures which put her in danger.

This was a great thriller and I enjoyed the momentum of riding along with the main character as she pushed her way through a world of dominant characters bent on proving they are right! Though the end was predictable, I still enjoyed the thrill of the story unfolding and would recommend this book to readers who want a light crime thriller.

There are two more books in the Mackenzie White series and I look forward to reading them. If you would like to read Before He Sees, click on the pic below to order your copy.

As always, please leave a review for the author. It’s a great way for other readers to gauge the books. Thanks.



The Iron Pendulum continued…!

Puffnel looked at the two detectives standing over him as he sat in Interview Room 3 at the Bagley Police Headquarters. The overalls he wore chaffed at his raw behind and his eyes watered as they tried to focus on what the detectives were threatening. With no access to his usual medicines to break the long days, he was finding it hard to stay focused without craving or ranting. A problem the other inmates seemed to cure with violence and intimacy the good doctor wasn’t so ready to accept.

“Look Puffnel, I can make this easy for you. Give us access to your patient files without us waiting around for a court order and we will put in a good word for you to be sent into isolation.” Perkins stepped back as a sign of good will. Jones wasn’t as forthcoming and kept his overbearing stance over the handcuffed prisoner.

“Okay! Okay! I get you. You want to see my patient files to see if there is a connection between Julia, myself and someone else. Did I get it?”

Jones nodded.

“I can tell you that without you having to pilfer through my private clients. I was the doctor to Julia and her brother for a few years when they were younger. They had…issues…that needed to be dealt with.”

“What issues?” Perkins stepped forward again, his pointy chin jutting out.

“They had to deal with some issues that had arisen at home. A death in the family.” Puffnel’s tortoiseshell glasses slipped to the edge of his nose and he leaned to his cuffed hands to fix them.

“Why was this death so significant to the Webster children?” asked Perkins.

“Because…because it was their sister that had died!” Puffnel said, exasperated. “I don’t see how this has to do with Julia’s disappearance or the slaughter left in my office, but that’s what I know.”

“And what did you have to treat them for? Shock? Depression? Anxiety?” asked the curious Perkins.

Puffnel hung his head, lolling it from side to side. Perkins glanced at Jones who watched the doctor with hawk eyes. A small giggle escaped from the doctor’s lips. When he lifted his head again to face the two men, his eyes were bloodshot and tears ran down his face.

“FEAR!” Laughter ripped from the doctor’s mouth, shocking both men back a step or two. Had the doctor gone mad in captivity?

“What did they have to fear Doctor Puffnel?” Perkin’s voice was gruff and his question had a warning note to it which the doctor didn’t seem to notice.

“Oh yes! They had a lot to fear. Never judge a book by its cover gentlemen!” The doctor squeezed his eyes shut, laughter shaking his body in spasms.

Excerpt taken from The Iron Pendulum by Eloise De Sousa.

The Iron Pendulum – continued

I whispered, afraid the voice in the darkness would hear me and answer. Softly, ever so softly, I called his name, hoping for a response this time.


Silence. Continue reading

#BOOK #REVIEW BY @ColleenChesebro OF “Deception” @mello_elo

Review of Deception by Colleen Chesebro from Lit World Interviews.

A huge thank you to Colleen for taking the time to read my book and review it.

To order your copy of Deception, please click on the link below.


Lit World Interviews


(Image Credit: Amazon)

Title: Deception
Author:  Eloise De Sousa
ISBN-10:  1291547955
ISBN-13:  978-1291547955
Pages:  234
Genre:  Adult Romance, Crime, Suspense

Note: Ms. De Sousa provided me with this book for an honest review and that’s what you will receive here following.

I immediately liked and felt a kinship with Amanda Glenson, and her five year old son, Zachary at the very start of the book. They live in London where she is a legal assistant at a prestigious law firm.  Amanda has a chance encounter with the sexy Alex Edwards, a consulting attorney, at work on Monday morning that left me wanting to see more of where their relationship was headed. Without warning on that fated day, Amanda is forced to confront the past she ran away from years before.

Amanda and Zachary travel to exotic Zimbabwe, the home of her birth, all the while clinging to the…

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Excerpt from Deception

Amanda opened her eyes to a brilliant sunny day with the birds singing outside her window and a gentle breeze blowing the curtains in a seductive dance. She stretched out her arms and yawned, feeling the sleepiness shrug off her body and a lovely tug of hunger making her tummy rumble. Hmm, some breakfast and maybe a long hot shower and wash her hair. She picked at strands of her long wavy brown curls and sniffed them. Definitely a shower! Her hair smelt like burnt cat. Not that she’d ever smelt a burnt cat but could imagine it wouldn’t smell much worse than her hair.

Suddenly, the curl withered in her hand and turned to ash, as did her other curls. She spotted her reflection in the mirror opposite the bed and watched as her hair disappeared in a puff of ash and smoke. She screamed as the rest of her head caught fire and watched in terror and fascination as the flames licked away at her bald scalp. Panic filled every pore and drowned out her shrieks whilst the fire swallowed her nightdress, engulfing her body. Heat tugged at her, pulling her body as though she was a rag doll.

“Mummy! Wake up! You’re scaring me!” Tug. Tug. “Mummy please wake up. It’s a bad dream Mum. Stop screaming please!”


For the full story, you can find your copy at http://www.lulu.com/shop/eloise-de-sousa/deception/ebook/product-21602858.html

Deception by Eloise De Sousa

Every writer’s dream is to be acknowledged. Mine is no different as I walk the rugged path of novice writer/author. Stories are like dreams. You try to capture the emotions and detail that flitter by and hopefully portray it in a way an audience will enjoy.

Deception for me was my first taste of really flexing my writing muscles! The storyline flowed with such resonance; it’s as though the characters danced in front of my eyes, living out their lives. Their actions, indiscretions, humiliations and emotions were impacted by the backdrop of Harare in Zimbabwe, Africa. The twist in the story left me champing at the bit to write it down so that I could read it and revel in the fray.

Characters are important to me and my favourite character would have to be Zoe. She is the character most of my readers love to hate. She hides her emotions like a chameleon’s camouflage and the secrets she carries are dangerous to all the characters in the book. Amanda is the kind of woman who is insecure in her own beauty, and because of her past, she can’t trust her feelings for the men in her life. This of course leaves her open to the abuse she faces from Jason who is a rugged hard man, jealous and obsessed with her in a dangerous way. Amanda’s grandmother is the force of nature that keeps us gripped and guessing on what she will do next to protect her grandchildren, but even she is caught in her own web in the end.

I don’t think there will be a sequel to Deception as the story feels complete in itself…those who have read it tend to differ in opinion. I will leave it up to you to judge! Deception is available from amazon, iBookstore and Barnes & Noble.