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Care to join me…Again?

Fancy a challenge? Come and join in. :-). Those were my enthusiastic words when I copied this challenge thinking, oh how easy! Famous last words…Well how have you faired with this challenge? I have failed dismally! Each day has brought new temptations, oozing the dreaded criticisms out if me. Oh the day is not long enough, the moon wasn’t high enough, blah blah bleugh!. See? It’s so easy to slip into a natural mode of moaning, I forget that I’m actually doing it.

Right, I shall re-challenge myself. As they say, if you don’t succeed, try, try again. Don’t know who said it (they’re probably out there somewhere still trying, poor souls) but it must be right. Who will join me in this incredible challenge of strength and perseverance? Who will take up the banner of abstinence from being another moaner!? Will you be the champion of your own comments?

Haha, good luck to all!