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Good-bye 2015!

Dear Readers,IMG_6106

As the last few hours draw to a close on a tumultuous year, I would like to send out a special thank you to all of you.  Many of you have been there through the darkest hours, when my mother was slowly dying.  Your support and love helped me overcome those lonely moments when I was ready to crawl into my bat cave with a bottle of tequila forever. Thank you.sugar-weight-loss

The wonderful posts I have read over the past year have filled me with laughter, dread, inspiration and sometimes confusion (over my own opinions).  Interest levels in different topics were inspired by you.  Motivation to continue writing – again you!  So, again, thank you.

Right.  Enough schmoozing.

2016 is going to be pretty interesting.  We have plans, as a family, to try something new.  If it works…well, things will be good.  If it doesn’t…let’s just say we will have a more interesting year than we bargained for!  As a writer, I’ve decided to move forward and not quit just yet.  Let’s see if 2016 is the year I break the market.  One can only live in hope and I suppose I have a better probability of doing that than winning the lottery.  So win/win.

I am hoping to meet up with all the bloggers in the summer for the next big blogger’s bash.  That is one of my big regrets for this year.  Being given a chance to meet the fantastic people behind the words would be an honour.  I’ve been lucky enough to meet one blogger this year and an increase in number only means my intentions to keep my blog running get stronger.


Right, lastly, I don’t do resolutions.  I make loose plans because the road is never clear enough to make definitive proclamations about my future.  Only hopeful requests and dreams.  So, to all of you brave enough to make resolutions – stick to it and good luck!

See you in the new year, which is just a few hours away.  Let’s make it a good one.

Big hugs and kisses to you all.



Monday Coffee

Hi!  We seem to be meeting in the most exotic places for our coffee catch ups!  Today we are at a party in Namibia with SerinsSphere and I must say, coffee is the furthest thing from my mind!

The venue is lovely and some friendly, familiar places have already arrived.  If you didn’t receive an invite, don’t worry – here’s yours now!

Okay, so now that you’ve grabbed a drink and scrumptious hors d’ourve, tell me about your weekend.  Mine has had its ups and downs, the highlight being a trip to a local country park.  We walked through fields with cows grazing and ended up at a play park where the little sprogs could run like maniacs!

Today was even better.  I spent most of it with a lovely lady putting up a mural for our library at school.  It was nice seeing some progress being made on the project.

What about you?  Did you have to work today or are you on school holiday like we are in the UK?

Now my writing on the other hand has slowed down again. My illustrator, Carol, sent me a lovely surprise today.  She’s added colour to our cover pic for A Tale of Knots (paperback version).  One step closer to completion.  Cecil The Bully is giving her quite the challenge but I have faith in her. She will find the angle she’s looking for in the illustrations.

I feel a bit rude.  The hors d’ourves plate is empty and we’ve been chatting for a while.  Let’s turn out attention to the other guests and not forget to thank Serins for holding this shindig!

Fancy topping up at the bar with me?  Let’s go! 😀