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Book review by a 2-year old : Moofy and Flo by Eloise De Sousa

There’s nothing better than receiving reviews from readers, especially when they are two years old!
A huge thank you to Cecily for sharing her grandson’s review of Moofy and Flo. I hope you enjoy this review as much as I did – I’m still smiling from listening to his little voice! It makes me think of Christmas and curling up by the Christmas tree, watching movies and reading stories to my children (who are to big to fully appreciate that now!).


Ask a child and they’re brutal with the truth. Sometimes it’s not what you want to hear, other times it’s just right. Whatever they tell you, it’s genuine and from the heart. There is so much we can learn from a child. If they like something they’ll show it, usually by their actions. The cuddle, the kiss, the pouting face.

My friend and mentor, and published author, Eloise De Sousa sent me an advance copy of her video book Moofy and Flo to show my grandson, Sebastian, we call him Sebbie. 

Sebbie came over to our place on a gorgeous, hot Sunday afternoon.

He dashed around the garden, chasing both my husband and I (oh! the exercise!!)

He played hide-and-seek

Rode on his little balance bike

Had a picnic on the lawn

Blew bubbles

Talked to the flowers

And the birds and bees

Picked a few flowers

Helped mow the…

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Christmas Without You

This is a poem I wrote the year my mum passed away. Even though Christmas has passed, I thought I would share it again as a special tribute to her, my little bird!

I tried to forget you yesterday
Pretended the day wasn’t about you
No celebration, no memorial or tasteful display
Just a drink and a quick prayer to chase out blues

Now the clock is ticking
Santa is drawing near
We’ve put up your Christmas decoration
Since you won’t be here

No struggling, cursing, crying
To get you through the door
And the happy sense of achievement
When your wheels touch the kitchen floor

We won’t choose the meal together
Since last year’s meal was your last
No fighting over whose house to visit
Now that you’re in the past

I’m going to try not to miss you
When I don’t see you sitting there
Children reaching to open their presents
They’ve kept back, so that moment, with you, they could share

Every minute of Christmas this year
Will breathe in for a new tradition
As you, dear Mum won’t be there
Since you’ve taken a life-long intermission.

Kennings At Monday Coffee

Have you ever heard of a Kennings poem? Continue reading

Readers Favourite Review of Scat the Black Cat

I am sharing this book review with you from a few years ago.  It’s a great review of Scat the Black Cat.

51hejuiupul-_uy250_A big thank you to Michelle Robertson for her review of Scat the a black Cat. Scat is available to download or purchase in paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and lulu.com/spotlight/eloisedesousa or click on the link below.

Book Review
Reviewed by Michelle Robertson for Readers’ Favorite

Scat is a cat who is black in color. He lives outside in a cozy kennel. Sean, one of his human family members, gives him hot delicious food outside the kitchen door every morning. Scat is appreciative of his food, but does not always get to eat it. A big cat from the neighbor’s at 62 Busby Lane is a bully and keeps eating his breakfast! Scat grew tired of never being able to eat the hot food his owners provided for him, and decided to teach the big old bully, Bruiser, a lesson. Little did he know his plan for a lesson Bruiser would never forget would turn out to be a lesson he would, in fact, never forget. Come find out what Scat the black cat learned about Bruiser the bully cat.

Scat the Black Cat written by Eloise De Sousa is a delightful children’s storybook filled with pleasant and colorful illustrations enhancing the charming plot. Young readers can expect to learn a valuable life lesson upon reading about the main character, Scat, who is the black cat. The expression “never judge a book by its cover” and “you never know what goes on behind closed doors” can be applied to this story. Scat believes his neighbor cat is being a bully by eating his breakfast each day, but in fact this is not the case at all, as he finds out towards the end of the story. The author has created a wonderful book for children and adults alike to read, enjoy, and discuss the life lesson described within the story.

I absolutely loved your book. It was such a delightful, light-hearted story filled with compassion, good nature, and a very important life lesson. Thank you for writing this book. I enjoyed it very much.

To purchase your copy of Scat the Black Cat, click on the pic below. Thank you.



Last day

Last day of school

Works already gone

Submitting like fools

To the shopping throng
Get out our wallets,

Purses and bags

Time for festivities

January’s the drag!

Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 13 – Love.

I couldn’t resist participating in Hugh’s Photo Challenge as the theme was in keeping with Valentine’s Day. Hugh posts a challenge each week, adding a special touch with his own photo on the theme and the story behind it.  

Here is my contribution:

  A gingerbread man with a heart might not reflect love, but it’s the memory of it that makes it so special.  This little gingerbread man was made by my children over Christmas last year.  So much time and effort went into his shape, decoration and taste, and it was the pride of the bunch.
We have always wanted to make a lovely gingerbread house, and we plan on building on our baking skills to that end.  

He was the start of something new for our Christmas tradition, something to replace the empty moments my mum filled with her presence and love.  

So, there’s a lot of love and memories in that little gingerbread man! 

Don’t forget to check out Hugh’s challenge and maybe post your own picture.  

Thanks for reading.

Monday Coffee

Hi!  Come on in!  Thanks for coming over to my place today.  I’ve got coffee, Darjeeling tea or PG Tips.  What’s your poison?

We are at my place today because I wanted to share my Christmas decorations with you.  I’m quite excited. Hugh is running a special feature on what tops your tree, to raise money for the Dog’s Trust.  I can’t pass up the opportunity to help out our four legged friends.  Please, take a hop and a click to Hugh’s to see his lovely tree topper.

The kettle’s boiled.  Let’s top up our mugs and move to the sitting room.  

 This is our special tree for this year.  Standing atop its leafy green limbs is a golden star.  It has taken us years to find the perfect topper and we are quite content with this simple but sparkly star.  The tinsel gets a bit higgledy piggeldy towards the bottom because darling Henry finds it amusing to amble under the lower branches and nibble at the twigs!  His waggle tail can take out half a coffee table’s onboard contents so do watch your cup. 

 Everyone in my family has a special ornament to hang on the tree.  This is mine, a little snowman sitting on a red sleigh.  My favourite ornaments are the lovely big red baubles.  They have velvety embossed patterns that give a sumptuous feel to the tree.

  The nativity set was assembled by my youngest daughter this year.  I hope she knows where baby Jesus is because last year it turned into an Elf on the Shelf scenario with the kids hunting for him amongst the decorations!  Not quite the religious feel we were going for.  I did tell them that’s how the three wise men felt when they went in search of the prophecy.  I think they were more amused with my elf on the shelf analogy. 
I’m wondering what your tree looks like.  What’s your favourite part of the tree assembly – the decor or sitting and admiring the lights once it is done?

I think the kettle is still warm.  Shall we refresh our drinks and rustle around for some mince pies? I think it’s safe to say Henry is tuckered out from playing with the tree! 


Monday Coffee

Here we are, warm and snug in my bat cave enjoying a strong brew of Colombian coffee. Tinsel and twinkling lights profile your face in dark and light shadows as we listen to soft music from Katie Mellua.  It is a very chilled evening after last week’s dinner party at the coffee house.  I’m glad it’s a bit more subdued this week and in an intimate location because I didn’t get a chance to chat to you last week.

So, how are you?  Did the week bring anything new?  Trent celebrated his bloggiversary and reaching 1000 followers this week and mentioned how hard it can be at times to keep up with all our friends in the bloggosphere. I find it difficult to comment every time I visit as I am pressed for time and usually quickly reading your latest post before going to my next chore/mission/job! How do you cope with visiting blogging friends? He wasn’t the only one to celebrate his bloggiversary as Teagan just celebrated hers on the 2nd of December. Her series of books have been a source of entertainment and I would definitely recommend you visit both bloggers when you get a chance.

I have a nasty cold at the moment and it’s an absolute torment to breathe.  Nevertheless, your company lifts my spirits and the lovely aroma of the coffee is slowly permeating through my blocked sinuses.  Will you be getting time off work for the Christmas holidays?  I know that quite a few companies close during the holiday season, but others don’t.  Which category do you fall under.

Did I tell you about my books?   They were wiped from my son’s computer during the NaNoWriMo month and I lost over a year’s worth of writing.  Some it it was backed up but it was such an old version, I would have to start editing and creating again.  Fun times.  This, of course, puts a damper on my launch of Cecil The Bully until next year.  I have to admit it has knocked me for a six and I almost feel like throwing in the towel.  I’m not angry, just tired and disappointed that I didn’t back up more frequently.  This lesson has taught me one thing though – to get my own computer!  Has anything ever happened to your work leaving you gasping for solutions?  I think I need to take a page out of Victoria’s book and just let it go. She wrote a fantastic piece about nature and the truth of our work ethic.

The one thing I love about being a part of the blogging community is the inspiration it gives when you are feeling low.  Take Brey for example; she is following her dreams and has just found out that she cannot complete grad school to become a teacher without a little help.  Has that stopped her?  No!  She has set up a gofundme page and has asked her fellow bloggers and friends to help her out. Now that is enough to stop the pity party about my books!  I wish her all the best and hope you get a chance to visit her page.
Well, I have rattled on, so whilst I refill our mugs, fill me in on your day…

Monday Coffee

  It’s dinner tonight at our favourite coffe house and everyone has turned up in their finery.  This might just constitute our version of a Christmas Party, but I do believe we will be having a few more of these in the near future!

My table is packed with authors, singers, artists and musicians.  Everyone has something to say and I must admit the noise levels are beyond comparison.  I built a bookshelf today, a beautiful white one with six shelves big enough to fit the majority of the children’s books. It might seem like a small achievement, compared to rebuilding my patio, but I’m so pleased with the end result. Everyone is cheering and congratulating me.  I feel silly even mentioning it – I guess it’s my way of compensating for failing at NaNoWriMo this year.  The Hubble pointed out to me that even at the start, I didn’t have a solid idea of a book and was grasping at straws, desperate for an idea.

I can see Lance raising an eyebrow at me.  He was kind enough to suggest a fantastic story, but I knew he had passion for the story, something I didn’t have. Lance is celebrating St Andrews day and has brought some lovely treats for us to try at this special dinner. Even the loudest person at the table shuts up long enough to sample the treats and we can’t resist going in for seconds.  

Suddenly, Rob breaks out into song and we all join in the chorus of Beautiful by Christina Aguillera. The other tables join in and the place is rocking with the voices of people from around the world. Suzie, Cindy and Jason shush us as Hugh takes the stage to make a speech and announcements about the year gone by and the lovely summer bash.  We are all excited to hear that there might be another summer meet up next year. He makes us laugh with the different signs that have been sent into his blog from his lates post and ends off his speech with a lovely rendition of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

I hope you’re having as much fun as I am and don’t forget to leave a comment to let me know your favourite part of the evening.

First #Wensfriesday of 2015

Happy #Wensfriesday!

As this is our first mid week break, I thought it would be nice to sit back and enjoy…chocolate! After all the lovely Christmas pressies and chocolate themed gifts, I’m finding it hard to resist temptation. From the light swirls of creamy milk chocolate to the rich dark depths of delicious temptation, we have them laying about the house, crying to be eaten. It would be a shame to let them go to waste so I have to be brave and sample a different type each day. Continue reading