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Book Tuesday – Cecil The Bully

It is with great pleasure I would like to announce that Cecil is complete!  The last two chapters have all the humour and naughty pranks expected from our motley crew with an added twist at the end.

I would like to thank you, my intrepid readers, for encouraging me and giving feedback every step of the way.  Unfortunately, I will not be posting the last two chapters. Sorry about that! 

Instead, I would like to offer the opportunity for you to win a free copy of Cecil The Bully once it has been polished and published.  If you would like a chance to win a free ebook copy, please click the ‘like’ button  or leave a comment for me to find you.  I can promise Cecil is filled with loads of slapstick fun, corny tricks and school humour that will tickle both adults and children alike.  I will choose three random names and contact you to let you know you have won.  Please bear in mind the publishing process can take a while and whilst I would love to rush the process, my illustrator and editors prefer perfection!  After all, it’s nothing  but the best for my readers. 😀

Don’t forget to click the ‘like’ button or leave me a comment for your chance to win an ebook copy of Cecil The Bully.

Thank you for all your support. xxx

Book Tuesday: Cecil the Bully – Chapter Eight

If you’re like me and tend to miss updates on stories, here is a link to the previous chapter of Cecil the Bully – Chapter Seven.

Now, continuing on from poor Thomas shaking and shivering at the thought of Ms Crow’s undivided attention on him… Continue reading

Book Tuesday

Hi everyone!

I am slowly getting back into my normal routine and thought it would be great to bring back Book Tuesday with Cecil and his gang as they haven’t had an update on their story in a while.

Cecil the Bully Chapter Eight will be ready later today. He is still in the midst of causing chaos in his class and hopefully saving a friend from the evil clutches of Ms Crow, so join me later today for another instalment of Cecil the Bully.

In the meantime, if you haven’t had a chance to read Cecil the Bully, please click on the link below to follow the story so far.

Cecil the Bully – Chapter One

Have a lovely afternoon. 🙂

Book Tuesday: Cecil the Bully – Chapter Seven

If you would like to catch the beginning of the story, click here for Chapter One.


“Please restrain yourselves from sharing hot air in class,” sniffed Ms Crow. “Now, if you are all quite finished laughing at Tim and Bertha, face the front and let’s have a maths test!”

“AWWW!” Everyone groaned. No-one had studied for a maths test. Continue reading

Book Tuesday: Cecil The Bully – Chapter Six

If you’re just joining Cecil and the gang, take a gander and check out Chapter One!


Week two. Tiny Thomas giggled. He always giggled when he had a naughty plan up his sleeve. Beefy Bertha nudged him and he stifled the giggle into a gurgle down his throat. Cecil walked up to his two friends, not suspecting a thing. Continue reading

Book Tuesday: Cecil the Bully – Chapter Five

If you’re just joining Cecil and the gang, here is the link to Chapter One if you’d like to start from the beginning.


The walk of shame. Head down, feet dragging, bag slooping against droopy shoulders and of course, no friends. Poor Cecil heard the giggles of laughter as he crossed the playground. Whispers followed him under the underpass and the turn. His head was so low he didn’t notice the prickly bush blocking the pathway in front of his house until it was too late. Continue reading

Book Tuesday: Cecil the Bully – Chapter Four

If you are just joining us, please follow the story from Chapter One, Chapter Two and Chapter Three by clicking on the chapters highlighted.


“This is BBC Berkshire with the news at six. Pictures have appeared in Rave News showing our local MP, Mr Craven, sporting a new type of hat on his head! When asked if this was to hide his baldness for the upcoming elections, he attacked the reporter and screamed that he could not remove the hat, even if he wanted to! More on this story later. Continue reading

Book Tuesday: Cecil the Bully – Chapter Three

Just in case you have missed out, click on Chapter One and Chapter Two to catch up!


The melody of Moonlit Sonata drifted through the classrooms as the children lined up. It was the last day of school and they barely contain their excitement. Mrs Swansey shushed her Year 2 class as she led the way to the hall. They giggled and tittered, whispering about their Easter Sticky creations. Thirty pairs of curious eyes stared at the adults standing at the front of the stage in the brightly lit hall. A tall man with a shiny bald head was busy examining the tables laid out with the competition entries. Next to him was a scruffy looking younger man who held a camera and click clicked it at the Easter hats, pretty Easter gardens and Easter eggs of various sizes and shapes. Continue reading

Book Tuesday Apology

My humblest apologies to all my readers awaiting the next instalment of Cecil the Bully. I have been occupied with caring for my mum in hospital and have not sat down long enough to draft out the next chapter. I will be back on schedule next week.

Please join me then for Chapter 3 of Cecil The Bully –

What plans do Cecil and his minions have for the visiting MP and his entourage? Will the monstrous mobsters mobilise mayhem at their motivating assembly? Find out next week!

Book Tuesday: Cecil The Bully – Chapter Two

Click here for Chapter One of Cecil The Bully
Continue reading