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Little Napoleon

Have you ever met a little Napoleon?

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Moofy and Flo

As a writer, the brick wall of procrastination and mind block is fatal to any projects awaiting completion. Here’s an example of one of my projects which have fallen under its deadly blocks of silence. Continue reading


It’s a shame I haven’t finished writing my post on the riots back in 1998. I had intended on completing that story and moving on to how I met Morgan Tsvangirai after an attack at his offices. Continue reading


Here’s a little something for your Saturday evening…

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Kennings At Monday Coffee

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Book Tuesday

Dear Readers,

I need your help. From my different sites, I’ve noticed that a few of my lovely readers have left reviews of my books. Now, on Amazon, it is an absolutely barren place for The Iron Pendulum and my children’s books. 

Cue the sorrowful music, tiny violins squeaking in the background attempting to set the moroseful scene…

Due to the low rate of reviews, my books are dropping down the rankings to the bottom of the pit where poor books go to die. 

Now the upbeat tempo kicks in, lifting the somber tone to one of hope…

There’s a way to change this. YOU, yes you, the wonderful readers who took the time to buy my books, or downloaded free copies or just read it from the backseat of the bus as the person on front of you dozed off – I NEED YOU! Please click onto Amazon from wherever you are and leave a review for me: good, bad, ugly – I’m a big girl, I can take it. If you’re not a member of Amazon, then please log onto whatever site you bought my books from, borrowed, stole, illegally downloaded and leave a review. 

I’m counting on all of you and will send you loads of butterfly kisses and well wishes. That might sound like a lousy repayment but my gratitude will be eternal. 

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Readers Favourite Review of Scat the Black Cat

I am sharing this book review with you from a few years ago.  It’s a great review of Scat the Black Cat.

51hejuiupul-_uy250_A big thank you to Michelle Robertson for her review of Scat the a black Cat. Scat is available to download or purchase in paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and lulu.com/spotlight/eloisedesousa or click on the link below.

Book Review
Reviewed by Michelle Robertson for Readers’ Favorite

Scat is a cat who is black in color. He lives outside in a cozy kennel. Sean, one of his human family members, gives him hot delicious food outside the kitchen door every morning. Scat is appreciative of his food, but does not always get to eat it. A big cat from the neighbor’s at 62 Busby Lane is a bully and keeps eating his breakfast! Scat grew tired of never being able to eat the hot food his owners provided for him, and decided to teach the big old bully, Bruiser, a lesson. Little did he know his plan for a lesson Bruiser would never forget would turn out to be a lesson he would, in fact, never forget. Come find out what Scat the black cat learned about Bruiser the bully cat.

Scat the Black Cat written by Eloise De Sousa is a delightful children’s storybook filled with pleasant and colorful illustrations enhancing the charming plot. Young readers can expect to learn a valuable life lesson upon reading about the main character, Scat, who is the black cat. The expression “never judge a book by its cover” and “you never know what goes on behind closed doors” can be applied to this story. Scat believes his neighbor cat is being a bully by eating his breakfast each day, but in fact this is not the case at all, as he finds out towards the end of the story. The author has created a wonderful book for children and adults alike to read, enjoy, and discuss the life lesson described within the story.

I absolutely loved your book. It was such a delightful, light-hearted story filled with compassion, good nature, and a very important life lesson. Thank you for writing this book. I enjoyed it very much.

To purchase your copy of Scat the Black Cat, click on the pic below. Thank you.



Book Tuesday

Hello and welcome to Book Tuesday. I’m in the middle of a crime fiction at the moment, which promises to be good. So, instead of a book review for this week, I thought I’d treat you to a short story. My inspiration for this story comes from the cruelty we show each other. I’m taking you back to the school room and using an example of temptations our children face these days. Let me know what you think of it. Continue reading

Saturday Quick Coffee Catch Up


Gosh it feels like forever since I have dropped in for a coffee. The pressure of completing two children’s books and an adult book has gotten to me. But, guess what? 

It’s alive! It’s alive! 

Cecil The Bully is now a little book monster ready to creep into your children’s bookshelves (not at all scary), and entertain them with nose picking, snot licking characters pulling delightful pranks on unsuspecting teachers.

I’m awaiting his arrival in print and once I’ve checked him over for naughty misprints or lurking loogies, I will formally announce him to the world.  That means giveaways and fun free book markers for my wonderful subscribers.

In the meantime, please raise your mug and let’s have a quick toast before I run back to chain myself to my desk.

The next time I surface will be once the next book is complete. Book me in for a coffee break. I will definitely need it.
See you later!

Social Media Fuels Bullying

October, 2015 was National Bullying Prevention Month.  During this month, students were urged to Stand up, make friends outside their circles, become more aware of others differences and create a surrounding culture that stamps out bullying and promotes unification. Bullying takes on many faces and attacks many populations Bullying can be seen in: Athletes against […]