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Monday Coffee

It’s black coffee night for me. After a long, exciting day I need to relax next to you and detox. Come, join me on the yellow chair near the bookshelf and stage.  The coffee house is empty this week – I blame it on the sudden good weather or the fact that most bloggers are in the midst of great projects.

img_2348The day started relatively well with my daughter’s birthday cake turning out pretty good.
She was so pleased with it, she decided to take photos of the cake which made me feel very proud of my efforts. You see, I haven’t baked in quite a long time and this was the first cake I’ve made in about one or two years. So, yup, pleased with my effort!


Image result for images of horrified womanOnce the morning run was done, I sped home to power clean the stinky hole we call a home and throw it back into a civilised state after a weekend of vegging. Unfortunately, in my rush, I assumed the sprogs had cleaned their rooms, knowing that I had threatened them that we were going to have a person come round to give us a quote on some work.  To my horror, I led said gent up the stairs to take a look at the bedrooms and lo and behold the most embarrassing sight met my eyes.  I won’t go into any detail out of pure shame, but let’s just say I had to apologise for the state of the sprogs’ bedrooms.  He just smiled and assured me that he hadnt noticed anything. Well, I did and I bet a blind man would have sensed something was wrong with their bedrooms (probably after tripping over toys and dirty clothing strewn across the carpets). I was mortified.

41fctha3vql-_uy250_Once the gent had left, I settled back down to work on my book and made good progress. I’ve had to link different chapters so that they make more sense to the main story and added extra detail for some of the characters. Compared to The Iron Pendulum, The Pink Mask will give more depth to the characters and their back stories.  I’m just hoping that after sending out more copies to the ether, some of my readers will leave a review of the book. It’s frustrating waiting for feedback, any feedback, on whether the book is good or not. So, with a not-so-gentle shove, please leave your reviews on my books. I would appreciate it so much and I do want to hear from you.

I’ve targeted more literary agents and have sent out more letters of hope. Oh, the life of a writer! We lead such glorious lives. Sometimes I feel like a character in a Shakespearean tragedy: awaiting my love  to come save me but due to the idle meddling of associates, tragedy looms closer as love seems to drift further away!

On a positive note, I have a child who is a year older, our adventures as a family are continuing this year and I have a good idea who is going to get murdered in my next book!

So, with that in mind, give me the skinny on your weekend and what plans you have for the week.

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Monday Coffee

Everyone decided to meet up earlier. We also had an ulterior motive…

The young, pretty barista smiled as we entered, hustling and bustling with our bags filled with laptops, balloons and bunting.  The air crackled with excitement as we got to work.  There wasn’t much time and Teagan kept checking the door to see if anyone else was coming.  Her thoughts were busy plotting the next instalment of Chopper and how Victo had added to her delightful story.  Mel and I giggled like two naughty school girls as we helped out and tried to make the sound of the Questing Beast from Arthurian Legend, whilst Trent and Hugh pinned the bunting to the walls.  Ronovan was tall enough to hang the balloons from the ceiling with the help of Lance and Ray was busy hanging streamers to finish the effect whilst sharing the exploits of his weekend.  They each took turns in making up a haiku using the words ‘pop’ and ‘bang’!  I looked over at Chris and burst out laughing – he had created an enormous fruit display with the main focus on bananas!  Gene’O and Diana tried to outdo him with a pile of serviettes folded into the shape of super heroes!

Olga and Natasha walked in carrying a massive three tiered birthday cake.  Each layer had a different flavour so that everyone’s tastes were catered for and pretty little fairies decorated the top tier.  Austin quickly pushed a little table into the centre of the open space close to the counter and the cake found its resting place. 

Everything looked fantastic.  

Teagan squealed in excitement and the lights were dimmed.  The tinkling of the bell above the door announced our special guest.

Mihran began to play the opening notes as   sang


Everyone joined in as Colleen stepped into the coffee house.  Her face was a picture of surprise and excitement.  Jo came forward to give her a big hug and we all patiently waited our turn to wish her.  It took a while as there were so many friends in the place that had travelled from far and wide to celebrate this special lady’s birthday. We found a seat so that speeches and photos could be heard and taken, bad jokes shared and then, of course, the cutting of the cake.  Everyone wanted to try a slice.

As the last bright colours washed out from the sky and the twinkling sparkles of the first stars appeared, the sound of laughter and music could still be heard emanating from our coffee house.  

It was a good day!

Picture courtesy of londoncoffeenetwork.com