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Happy #Wensfriesday!

It’s going to be an arty #Wensfriesday today folks. I’m meeting up with a friend who has taken up the yoke to join me in creating the world of LeBrush for my story, A Tale of Knots. I’m pretty excited to see her sketches and get a chance to talk to a creative person who has her own collection of stories waiting to be released to the world.

Apart from my weekly coffee dates with you lovely folks, I don’t have access to many writers in the physical sense and it can be pretty lonely at times when all I want to do is go crazy and dream up different worlds with someone else. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with you here, but I do crave flesh and blood and an immediate reaction that I can see and not imagine when I discuss different topics. Well, I hold out on the hope that I will get to meet some of you in person one day and share that cup of coffee with you and a lovely long chat…and some cake!

Speaking of cake and all things sweet, I have to make a Blackforest Trifle for a special couple who are renewing their vows this weekend. There will be around sixty guests attending and I have to make sure there will be a big enough trifle to go around! Not a problem…I might make two!

Now numbers remind me that this is a very special #Wensfriesday for another reason – it is my Godson’s sixth birthday today and I will get to see him later for afternoon tea. He is a fantastic footballer and absolutely loves the game. I guess that is soccer to some of you. ☺️

Of course, we can’t discuss our midweek break without mentioning the sweetie of the day. Last week was hazelnut chocolate and Kinder surprises. This week might be something to share, like a slab of Dairy Milk chocolate. I don’t think the children will mind if I steal a square before they come home from school!

Have a lovely midweek break everyone and don’t forget to tell me what you’re having as your special #Wensfriesday treat. xxx

Attending the Un-Birthday Party

Grace wandered through the ballroom, entranced by the falling snow that never quite reached the guests and the frosted glasses serving colourful drinks. She eased her way past the dance floor filled with creatures from different realms happily colluding and gyrating to the eclectic music accompanying the laughter and chatter. At last she found the door she was looking for; a well varnished green oak with gnarled markings forming methodical patterns on its face. She glanced behind her before reaching for the brass handle and turning it, giving the heavy old oak a push. Continue reading

Frosty Wensfriesday


Only two weeks left to Christmas! Are your ready? Has the crazy shopping stopped in your home or are you still frantically scampering around for the perfect presents for loved ones?

I’m still motoring through and will do the last minute bits next week. I’m a last minute kinda girl, with time chasing me!

A special Happy Wensfriesday goes out to my Hubble today. He is celebrating his second 21st! He is lucky enough to be attending my youngest son’s nativity tonight and I shall be helping out behind the scenes – a job I thoroughly enjoy. I get to see future actors/artists going through the motions and excitement as it gets closer to the curtain call. Once the play starts and all manner of things go wrong, our little troopers keep the performance going and sing like angels. It brings home the blessings we have around us and the perseverance of small people against dodgy microphones and stuttering projected backgrounds. I’m one of those crazy mums that sing along to the music (softly enough not to embarrass my children!) and my cheeks hurt from smiling throughout. Yup, I’m a sucker for any stage performance!

What do you love about the build up to Christmas? Or what do you hate?

Right…I have to get back to scoffing my Ferrero Rocher chocolates so I will bid you farewell for now.

Birthday Wensfriesday!

Happy Wensfriesday everyone!


It’s a special one for me as I am forty today! Yup, another decade gone. Continue reading