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Happy #Wensfriesday!

It’s our mid-week break and I want to discuss the weather! Ever noticed how the weather affects your eating habits? I tend to nibble like a rat through the cold and crave copious amounts of Peppermint and Darjeeling tea. Pastries become my comfort food and soups find flavour again on our daily menu. Summer introduces more meaty dishes with salads, probably because we barbecue anything and everything just to stay outside and enjoy the sunshine.

We have escaped the heavy snow again this year and to say I’m upset would be an understatement. It’s as though someone has encapsulated our little area under a glass dome (not the same as Stephen King’s Under the Dome!) and we are watching the world turn white whilst we simmer in mild weather. The reason I mention the snow on #Wensfriesday is because it would have been an awesome mid-week treat for the children. Two years ago, Santa gave them brand new sleds. To this day those sleds have not seen the light of day, waiting for their special moment in the snow, which has not come! My poor son now avidly watches the weather reports, hoping that snow will show on the charts over our little town to no avail.

So whilst some face a bleak day in the cold and ice, trudging through the pretty white stuff, spare a thought for us crazy snow lovers who wish we could be coated in its beauty whilst we enjoy our mid-week break. In the meantime, we are breaking out the light jackets and awaiting a warmer, milder front returning on Friday (our end of week break!).

On the positive side, the warmer weather suggests a good reason to have sundowners and cheesy snacks to welcome the weekend!

Whichever way the weather goes, don’t forget to count your positives, release the negatives and enjoy your #Wensfriesday. Have a great day!