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Australian Flora and Fauna

Here are a few snaps of the plants found around gardens and places of interest so far.

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Dear Reader,

I am reporting to you live from the most incredible country, Australia! The weather has warmed up considerably since its first frosty reception (probably to acclimatise us) and we are now experiencing days of pure sunshine bliss mixed with cool evenings.

There is no way I could invite you over for a coffee because the drink of the day would have to be a cool drink, cold beer or crispy wine. Once you’ve chosen you’re poison, come sit next to me by the pool.

I have a secret to share with you – not a nice one. Yesterday, I think we missed the Grim Reaper by a hair’s breath. I don’t know if you caught the report on the accident at one of the local theme parks on the Gold Coast, a terrible tragedy that took four lives. We were supposed to be at that theme park and when the tragedy occurred we would have been there. It was only by providence that we missed the time slot and decided to forfeit our day at the park, driving past it and going to the beach and shopping centres instead. 

As we lolloped amongst the waves, the news hit the headlines and we were struck with disbelief. Our family is large and the probability of us being on that ride would have been very high. The seriousness of this has stayed with me all night and I had to share my worry with you today. You see, when I travel with my sprogs and Hubble, I always guesstimate the probability of us dying in some freak accident.  As I drive down unfamiliar motorways, I keep a wary eye out for the Reaper, in case he has one of our names on his list.

It’s a morbid way of looking at life, I know, but we can’t live forever. It’s just hard to accept that one of us might not get to see a full life. Maybe.

Anyhoo, shaking off my morbid coat, I can officially re-declare my love of Oz and it’s inhabitants. The place is a mixture of Zimbabwe and England, taking all the best weather, space, technology, infrastructure and  design to create a eutopia that most crave. As we sit sipping our chilled drinks, soaking up the rays and twiddling our feet in the crystal clear water, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a life we should aspire to. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to count our last days on earth in this place, or another like it. We will see what happens.

Well, I’m ready to go in for a dip. The thermal heating has cracked the cold barrier on the water and this sun is baking my shoulders. Fancy joining me for a swim?

Monday Coffee

Blow. Blow. Blow.

It’s blustery, wet and wild today but the coffee house is warm and snug. As much as I’d like to stay here, I have to hustle home in the rain.  It’s packing time.

Yup, we are travelling again and this time it’s to a place just as beautiful as Africa with a wealth of history and grandeur.  Oz. Next Monday we shall be sipping coffee together in the sun and, hopefully, with some new Ozzie friends. 

Writing has slowed as I have been finishing off work-type things and packing for sprogs and Hubble.  The worst part has been choosing a dress to wear to the wedding.  Who knew there were so many styles to choose from? I hate shopping and of course my teenage daughter has been in retail heaven as we have had to top up wardrobes for the trip.  Everyone in the family has grown, apart from me! I seem to be shrinking in size as the sprogs tower over me.

The dress has been chosen and a fascinator to match.  Shoes are packed and the choice selection of comfy shoes. Now the question is, should I download books on my device or stack my suitcase with a selection of good reads?  Who cares if there’s no space for toothbrushes and swimming cozzies? Fine, the others might get a little upset if I throw out their clothes but what’s the point of a holiday if you can’t relax and read?

Maybe I’ll be lucky and find a gem if a book by an Aussie author. That’s an exciting thought. If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear from you.

Well, I shall bid you farewell for now.  See you on the other side of the world!