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It’s been four years since I started blogging! Gosh, where has the time gone? Continue reading

First Anniversary!

Tap! Tap! The mic squeaks as I check to see if it’s working. Some guests turn to see what’s happening on stage and why the music has stopped. I take a deep breath and step closer to the thin pole with microphone attached…

“Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for coming to my first anniversary blog party.

365 days ago I signed up for for blog page and couldn’t think of a better name than Thoughts By Mello-Elo. I had stumbled across the WordPress site through Kindlemojo’s Books and Bacon, a website dedicated to promoting novice authors like myself. I didn’t know what to make of this site and felt like a tiny row boat drifting through unchartered waters. It was only months later when I joined Writing 101 that I discovered the wonderful advantages of being a part of this amazing site.

I have met inspirational artists from all around the world who have managed to make me laugh, cry, shake my fists in anger at injustices and dance like there’s no tomorrow! It is all thanks to you that I stand here today a stronger, more confident writer. It is with you I celebrate my successes and look forward to my dreams slowly but surely coming true.

I’ll keep this short as I’m getting rather emotional and soppy but before I end my speech I would like to say, thank you! Thank you for being who you are and creating blogs that inform, support, amuse, confuse and amaze me. Even though I know Colleen from Silver Threading’s would prefer a different word, the best way to describe you all is AWESOME! Thank you!”

Speech over I join the guests and get a chance to mingle. Mentions of the future encourage me to list dreams of what I’d like to happen this year. More books, illustrations, maybe audio books and a book signing are on my bucket list. I ask what’s on your list? We wish each other good luck and toast to another year together. Group photos and silly selfies are rampant as the drinks flow and inhibitions are lost.

I see you standing across the room smiling and I raise my glass to you. Yes you. With a nod to you and an imaginary clink of glasses, I wish you a successful year ahead. I will hopefully see you next year with a few items ticked off my list and yours.




Today’s my wedding anniversary. My Hubble reminded me about an hour ago as it dawned on him what the date was today! We don’t do anniversaries or big birthdays that often. Too many years I guess or a general lack of enthusiasm to celebrate one day amongst many.

There was once a girl living inside me who wanted to celebrate all the special days; the first date, our sixth month anniversary, the day we made up after two years of “going on a break”! That girl used to worry and prep to do something memorable. A nice dinner, lovely pressie or a visit to somewhere special. I can’t even remember when she disappeared, nor do I care. Life is easier without her.

Hubble believes that Valentine’s Day is a commercialised waste of money driven by corporate freaks trying to drain an extra pound from our pockets. He feels that everyday is special and we shouldn’t wait for one marked day a year to show it. After many years of hearing his rant, I’m loath to admit I do agree with him.

We have busy lives and there is next to no time to make special days that don’t end up in disappointments. Usually prebooked dinners end up with us staying home to nurse a vomiting child or date nights end with one of us working/writing late so we miss it! Yes, we do spend moments together but they aren’t planned. I hate plans. I’m always late or forget plans and end up letting people down. Impromptu visits and off the cuff dinners work better and tend to mean more.

Remind me to share my wedding story one day and how it turned from a fixed event to a 6pm appointment with a priest!

How do you feel about anniversaries and planning special events? I’d love to hear your special stories. xx

Happy Anniversary Hubble!

Pic provided by a-ten.com