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Ladies and Gentlemen: Eloise De Sousa

JMLibby has given me the chance to visit her blog. Join me as I share a little info about myself and tell you about my lovely blogging friend.


When I decided to have guests stop by once a month for 2015, the first name on my list was Eloise De Sousa. Kind, sweet, smart and witty, Eloise always makes me laugh and brings excellent content to her blog. How could I not ask her to be part of my adventure? Without further ado, I turn this space over to her.


Fancy joining me for a cup of Peppermint tea?  I’m all out of Darjeeling unfortunately…unless you’d prefer a coffee or something stronger.  It’s five’clock somewhere in the world!  Jessica has let me loose on her blog and I thought it would be a perfect time to meet you and share a cuppa.  Take a seat and I will pop the kettle on.

I met Jessica last year when I started my own blog and have found a lady I enjoy following and reading.  She gave me a…

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That feeling of holding on to moments that resonate through nostalgic music, a smell, a picture or a place. I lived through a few of those moments tonight as we drove to and from the hospital in Oxford. Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Love

What if love isn’t so straight forward? What happens when the man of your dreams turns back into a toad? You’re left with a broken heart, several kilos of chocolate depression that turns into fat misery whilst he waltzes off with his new love. What then? Continue reading

10 Reasons People Hate Me

Okay my last reblog for the night. I have to end on a high note with a man so funny, so sharp and straight forward he makes angles look rounded (yes okay my jokes are lame!). I present the Opinionated Man!

Confessions of a Non-Shopaholic

I hate shopping! Yes, I am one of those people that grumble if I have to stay for longer than half an hour in the shopping mall, dragging my poor carcass from one glitzy waste of space to another. Continue reading

If We Were Having Coffee

The usual hangout is bustling with excitement today as the writers and bloggers gather together to discuss their busy weeks. School, university, college, work and general life have sucked the time and energy we enjoyed freely during the summer holidays and now time is a premium commodity we have to conserve wisely.

I have a new friend I’ve been wanting to sit down and chat to…ah there she is at a table full of familiar faces. Continue reading

Ken the Fireman

Now for those of you who follow my blog quite regularly, you might recall I once wrote about Ken of the Sealed Knot. It was a chance meeting; a gas man coming to fix my boiler and after a cup of tea and chat, I discovered his amazing life story.

Well, guess what? I have met another Ken! This time, he’s an ex-fireman. Here’s how we met… Continue reading


He blew into the Care Home like a tornado on speed skates. Wild piercing blue eyes, ragged sunburnt skin and flowing white hair that refused to be styled in anything that didn’t suggest pirate, he pouted and shrugged off any help. His name was Raymond. Continue reading