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I’ve Been Nominated!!

This has to be one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts I’ve received (don’t tell my Hubble!): a nomination for the Best Book Blog! Thank you so very much for nominating my blog. Continue reading


Whoop! It has been 5 years since I first took the plunge and started my blog!

I could wax and wane over my trials and tribulations, exciting moments and not-so-great posts, but there’s no point when you’ve there, on the journey.

Instead, I will say, help yourself to a glass of champagne and let’s raise a toast to all the bloggers I have met along the way, the wonderful readers who have made my day and of course, the inspirational posts I’ve had the fortune to share.

Thank you, one and all, for being a part of this journey.

Monday Rambles – One Lovely Blog Award

This beautiful and talented Nishi has honoured me with One Lovely Blog Award Nomination! A huge thank you to a fantastic lady with an abundance of talent. Join her on her Monday Rambles…

The Showcase

Monday is here, the beginning of a new week. Since Monday is all about Keeping It Short and Simple ( my version of KISS) and since this blog is called ‘The Showcase’ guess its time I revealed an award that has been standing proudly on my imaginary blog mantlepiece for a couple of weeks. Its high time I thanked my fellow bloggers who nominated me for the award and so here I go –

So I was at Amanda’s ‘Big fat award ceremony‘ she said the whole event would be something in the lines of a Big fat Greek wedding and Oh, it was a grand event alright! With a fancy cat on the drums while we waited with bated breath to hear the nominees, the unlimited champagne that flowed the whole night and the dancing that followed – despite the fact that I have two left feet and…

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I was going to title this “One Lovely Blog Award” but I didn’t want to be redundant but I guess I’m being redundant now, so, wash.

The awesome Darling Chay has received the Lovely Blog Award and has listed me as a nominee. A huge thank you to her for the nomination. Here is a full list of her nominees. Be sure to check out her page and the others.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Very Inspiring Blogger Award


I have been lucky enough to be nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by an amazing writer I’m honoured to call a friend, Ronovanwrites! For all who have had the pleasure of reading his blogs or chatting to him, I sure you will agree that we are lucky to have found a blogger who creates a home for people like me who need help, guidance and support through this quagmire of the blogging world. Thank you for nominating me.

Here are the rules for accepting this award:

1. Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you.

2. List the rules and display the award.

3. Share seven facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

5. Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.


Now that I have listed the rules, here are a few facts about me.

I have written over ten books over the past two years, most of them personalised children’s stories.  It gives me great joy to create a story that includes all the special moments, toys, locations and interests for only that child so that he/she has something original that keeps the memories alive forever.

My middle name begins with an F and I hated it so much I used to tell people it stood for Froggy!  I still do.

I love swimming.  I’m not great at it but could spend hours in water and never want to get out.

My favourite snack is biltong (a dried meat similar to beef jerky but far tastier!).

As a child, I was chosen with a friend to dance with the National Ballet for Morowski Season – a special director that came down to choreograph a show.  One of the main dancers was in the Royal Ballet at the time and he was tall, really tall to a shrimp like me.  He used to lift us up into the air like prima ballerinas!  It’s one of my happiest memories from dancing.

Ironing is my worst household chore, after washing up.  Actually they’re both awful.

I prefer to stay where trees outnumber houses and buildings.

Phew! There we go – seven things you didn’t know.


Now for the fun part. Nominating more amazing bloggers who share their lives, loves and incredible stories with us all. Thank you for being there and supporting newbies like me.

JohnMarkMiller better known for his blog, The Artistic Christian. Each blog I get a chance to read has an uplifting message that brings clarity to a cluttered life.

Kate Shrewsday – I have known Kate for a while now and she is the true inspiration behind my attempts at blogging. Reading her work over the years has been a pleasure. Once you get hooked on her humorous anecdotes about family life, pets, and hidden mysteries of historical places we are blessed to have here in the UK, it is hard not to look forward to her next post.

Meredith’s Musings – whether it’s Weekly Wednesday’s book reviews of the wordless haiku challenge, I look forward to seeing what Meredith has to say.  An inspiring lady who blends ease and comfort into her style of posts.

gtylermills – I have already recommended Kate Shrewsday and gtylermills for a blog hop to discover how they write their beautiful articles.  I would like to add gtylermills to the list of bloggers I find very inspiring.  I look forward to his views on poetry through a man’s eyes, quotes, or the simple things that bring joy to life like gardening!

Write Write Write Sleep Write!  I stumbled across this fantastic blogger whilst searching for new poetry blogs to follow.  His powerful use of words are a reminder of how much passion goes into poetry and I find that truly inspiring.


Thank you again for the nomination and for reading my blogs.  I’m definitely looking forward to reading yours!


Very Inspiring Blogger Award