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Book Review: “The Iron Pendulum” by Eloise de Sousa

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I’ve met Eloise at the Blogger’s Bash last week and was intrigued as to what kind of books she wrote. I opted for an adult rather than a children’s book, as I was in the mood…

Review: The Iron Pendulum

The Iron Pendulum by Eloise De Sousa My rating: 5 of 5 stars Declaration of interest: I am the editor of this book. The author is already well known for her superb children’s stories and for … Source: Review: The … Continue reading

Smorgasbord Summer Reading – The Iron Pendulum by Eloise de Sousa

Today’s book is the thriller published at the end of June –  The Iron Pendulum by Eloise de Sousa. About the book Julia Webster and Hugo del Fuego are missing from their third floor apa… Source: Smorgasbord Summer Reading – … Continue reading

Silver’s Book Reviews – “The Iron Pendulum,” by Eloise De Sousa

Silver Threading has kindly reviewed The Iron Pendulum for me and gives her take on the book’s characters and its grisly entrails within! Word Craft ~ Prose and Poetry Title:  The Iron PendulumAuthor: Eloise De SousaPrint Length: 156 pages Publisher: Lulu.comPublication Date: June 26, … Continue reading

The Iron Pendulum continued…!

Puffnel looked at the two detectives standing over him as he sat in Interview Room 3 at the Bagley Police Headquarters. The overalls he wore chaffed at his raw behind and his eyes watered as they tried to focus on … Continue reading


WARNING!  This is a crime/thriller and has some graphic descriptions.  

The Iron Pendulum – continued

I whispered, afraid the voice in the darkness would hear me and answer. Softly, ever so softly, I called his name, hoping for a response this time. “Hugo?” Silence.

The Iron Pendulum continued…

Lights flashed red and blue, reflecting on the ceiling and down the dark passageway. Shadows ran in fear as they were chased by flashlights pointing sharp beams left and right. Radios chattered in excited animation, the discovery heightening the sense … Continue reading


“Are you comfortable? Yes? Good!” Shuffling papers. The smell of incense burning somewhere in the recesses of the dimly lit room and cigarette smoke cloaked by mint gum. “How are you today Julia?” “Fine.” “Just fine? Could you elaborate a … Continue reading

NaNoWriMo – The Iron Pendulum

I think I’m going mad!  I’ve decided to join in the crazy challenge of writing a novel within a month.  Okay, I’m a few days late and have a half baked idea, but there’s the great feeling of icky nervousness … Continue reading