Don’t go out. Don’t go near. Don’t uncover. Just don’t!

We are living the dream.

Those festivities we avoided with such flippant negligence is now a distant memory.

Zoom. Zoom. Google Meet. Teams. Whoop!



What a way to communicate.

Jokes agitate as Tiktok concentrates the bored.

Meetings with half-dressed workers fade to tirades for and against the vaccines and face masks.

The sound of tumbleweed rolls across school room floors.

Stillness catches on the feet of silent students sitting through online lessons, pretending to care.

Each household occupant mesmerised by screens – all shapes to fit all sizes – fuelling the need to educate and replicate finances.

We grow as people.

News becomes the main course of entertainment; briefings from the Government is seen as prime time television. Yet, it plays out like a soap opera, portraying predictable plots with caricatured speakers grinding out soliloquies of fortitude to the nation.

We grow weary.

‘Get children back to school!’

‘Vaccinate the vulnerable!’


‘Nothing was done fast enough!’

Hyperbole flows in rivers of information, confirmation and confrontation from all corners of the continent. Unsettled murmurs of incompetency grow as fear is replaced by anger. Explanations and apologies hold as much value as a bag of Dolly Mix.

In the meantime, we count the souls like lost teeth.

More bitter than sweet.

Life becomes hard to swallow.

Copyright ©Eloise De Sousa (2021). All rights reserved.

19 responses to “Living

  1. Life is certainly strange these days

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  2. You’ve captured life exactly as it is!

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  3. I agree Eloise we live in strange times 💜

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  4. One of my sons is back at school, but the other is not. Our school has grade 12 and grade 8 students at school every day and the years in between have one week off and two weeks in school. Michael will go to school tomorrow. I was watching him attending on-line classes last week all on his own and it broke my heart.

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  5. Trying to learn online for university and school students is an absolute nightmare. Both of my daughters miss the one-to-ones with tutors. And the course coordinators have no idea how to cope with it all as this is so new to them. How do you manage a class of 1,000 student teachers online? Chaos. I really hope and pray that the vaccines kill this beast, because we can’t go on like this. x

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  6. Very well written. The only place I have been for a year now is to my doctor’s office for my monthly meds. I did get my first Moderna vaccination from our county health department about a month ago and will get my second shot on or around the 10th of this month. I’m tired of living like this, but at least I’ve been covid free so far. Thanks for expressing what so many of us feel. 😊

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