Coffee, Crowing and Cravings

It has been a pretty calm Thursday, even though the children finished their lessons early and have been driving me mad with their inane chatter and squeals of laughter over trivial nonsense they find online. That, and popcorn. Yes. Yes. I should delight in the sounds of my children enjoying each other. I should appreciate their happiness and celebrate their health and joie de vivre! Well, I normally would but I’ve been enjoying that same lustre for life for the past four months in close proximity. Try spending two weeks listening to that incessant joy and then come tell me you still feel the same way – especially if you’re trying to write a book and all you can hear is:

‘Teeheehee! No, you stop it!’

‘Did you see that TikTok? Try it!’

‘Shall we do it?’

‘Naaaah! Ya didn’t get it?’

‘Stop touching my stuff. Waah!’

‘Whatcha think? Shall we play Minecraft?’

‘Muuuum! Why can’t I play on the Xbox before five? None of my friends have to ask.’

And so on…

Join me for some more crowing and a quick coffee catch up before this window of personal time disappears.

Now that you have a hot beverage in your hands and have reminded me again that it’s only Thursday, I will tell you that the week has not been as bad as I made it out to be. On the work front, I’ve written the opening chapter to a new fairy tale called ‘The Curse of the Songbird’, which has been shared with my Writers’ Club members. It’s aimed at readers who crave an adventure written in the classic style of Aesop’s fables or Hans Christian Andersen tales. I, for one, miss the lost art of telling a story that wraps around a moral code, encouraging the reader to tease out meanings that can be put into words through the actions of the characters. I’m looking forward to finishing it by Christmas.

One of my young writers sent me another great poem inspired by and written after one of our sessions. I’m so proud of their progress and the great feedback I’m getting from parents and their teachers too! The children seem to enjoy their crazy, fun sessions which include arts and crafts to implicitly lead them towards using the tools they are learning in school to improve their stories. I think it might be time to find them another writing competition to test their strengths and see if they can meet the level of other writers across the country.

As we sip at our cups and watch the clouds move in for another quick shower, I have to tell you that I’ve been battling with the sun over the past few weeks. My lawn has taken a beating from the heat. The flowers needed constant watering and support to avoid getting sunburnt on the hottest days. I felt like a wilting flower in the heat, which says a lot since I keep the house at a balmy 30 degrees Celcius throughout the year! How did you cope with the heat wave?

Lockdown has left me questioning my ability to cope with routine. I love it and hate it. Some weeks fly by fluidly because the routine has been followed and everything flows beautifully. Other weeks have gone completely awry with the children sleeping late, waking late and finishing their schooling late. Even though I’m to blame for encouraging these late nights through a lack of screaming at them to go to bed, I prefer the change and sort of welcome to silent mornings. Then again, if I slip into a fortnight of living with the late nights, my brain starts to fry and I want to scream everything. How have you handled the every day? I crave the days when the house could just breathe and I could clean in without it getting dirty within five minutes of me packing the vacuum cleaner away.

It’s wonderful spending time with you, even if it’s for a brief moment. I hope you’re keeping safe and thinking clearly about the lift to the lock down this weekend. As proven over the past few weeks, the minority cannot be trusted to use their brains. I feel like I’m part of the doomsday crew calling out for caution. Is it mad to imagination that the minority has the power to tip the scales and kill us all? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Well, the window is closing and the noise levels are increasing as feeding time draws near. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your week with me. Take care and keep safe this weekend.


9 responses to “Coffee, Crowing and Cravings

  1. Your new WIP sounds great! My kid is grown and on her own now, so I miss those giggles 🙂 Maybe a set of earplugs would help?

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    • I think I’m just suffering from cabin fever, Jacquie. As a hermit, I can only tolerate small amounts of humanity before retiring to my bat cave. I think it’s getting worse as they get older and more opinionated!

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  2. It’s always nice to visit with you, Mello. Keep on writing, my friend. I seem to be utterly stifled. Not writers block — just can’t make myself do anything. Maybe tomorrow.
    Hugs on the wing!

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  3. Life is so odd in these times. It’s probably corny but count your blessings, you are acting it girl 💜💜💜

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