I am the virus

I am the virus.

I need to be contained.

My venom spreads with every word I say.

I am the virus.

I wish I was contained.

The spikes are taken out of the wheels and I’m definitely not sane.

I am the virus.

You’ll wish I was contained.

I’ll make your every word the last one in this endless game.

I was the virus.

I’m all alone.

Not that I regret your number calling on my phone.

I was the virus.

I followed your decree.

Now your head sits alone on my bare knee.

5 responses to “I am the virus

  1. Powerful poem Eloise. 🙂

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  2. Very chilling. I wonder if the virus thought out what would happen if there were no other humans to infect. it might want to slow down.

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