#Bookreview – Space Dust by Eloise De Sousa and how to make an Easter chick video

Robbiesinspiration shares a review of Space Dust – a book for children that highlights the power of love and sacrifice – especially for Easter.

Robbie's inspiration

Children's book reviews

What Amazon says

We’re going on a trip in Big Ox’s canoe. Watch the fire bears roar on Venus as pepper pot trees grow on the moon. As Big Ox steers us to the planets, Litte One wonders if Mum will come home soon.

My review

This is a sweet rhyming verse story about a young child whose mother has to go away unexpectedly without saying goodbye. An older relative, possibly a grandfather, tries to comfort the child and offers to take him on an adventure up to the stars to see if they can see his mum from high up above the Earth.

They set off in a canoe which the old man using his favourite spoon to navigate. They visit hot and fiery Venus in search of a fire bear, and pass Saturn with its seven rings and look out for seahorses swimming in soup. Finally, they visit…

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2 responses to “#Bookreview – Space Dust by Eloise De Sousa and how to make an Easter chick video

  1. Congratulations on this lovely review, dear Mello. Hugs on the wing.

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