Monday Coffee in Isolation

Hi! I won’t hug you today as we are practicing social distancing, but I will say it’s great to see you. At a time when the world is coming to a standstill, having a chance to meet friends makes me think we are far luckier than our ancestors.

While the media fills our heads with information and updates of doom, I take to social media to find my friends and give updates on positive events. Sharing fun ideas on how to keep the children busy has been well received and I am determined to keep it going for as long as I can.

My Writers’ Club has adapted like a chameleon to new vegetation. We’ve had two webex meetings and have managed to collate ideas and start writing projects. Considering some children are as young as six, I’m very impressed at their capabilities and can look at our teething problems as minimal. I will be opening the club to new members who will start in April. If your children enjoy creating worlds and pushing their imagination beyond the obvious, contact me. I’ve attached the flyer below.

Contact me if you would like your child to join the online Writers’ Club.

At home, the house has been full for about two weeks now. All my children are keeping busy with their schoolwork. I’m trying to supplement their work to encourage further growth while we are in isolation. Never one to waste time, my daughter has enforced school schedules, even if there aren’t any lessons planned by their teachers on the day. Instead, we make use of BBC bitesize and other programmes that offer free lessons to support children studying from home.

My biggest challenge is keeping my large family fed. Food runs have been cut to reduce exposure to the virus. My next run might be done with gloves and a mask. I’m getting paranoid over the chances that I might carry the virus in with the shopping bags or on the packaging. So everything is unpacked, cleaned and my own clothes changed with a complete decontamination of my face and hands. It’s exhausting but necessary if I want to keep the family safe. Are you following any protocols to keep your families or yourselves safe? Are you as paranoid as I am?

We have reached the days when earth’s most toxic inhabitants slow to a rumbling stop. While we complain and worry and fight to survive, remember to take a moment to appreciate all the things around you. Our greed led us here. Let’s hope this world wide experience will make us approach the future in a better way. I’m not holding my breath though.

Stay well and stay safe. x

11 responses to “Monday Coffee in Isolation

  1. I am not holding my breath for long term change either, Eloise. I am glad you are all well and busy. My boys are also home schooling and I am trying to keep them busy but I am also working, cleaning and cooking. I am also using gloves when I go out but not a mask as they are effective if you are sick but not if you are well.

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    • I’m so glad to hear you and your family are safe Robbie. I was reading reports on SA locking down this week to reduce the spread. We’re trying to get people to listen on this side of the pond, but the weather is not helping: Sunny, bright days with a gentle spring carrying the promise of spring!
      Take care of yourselves and do keep me updated. xx

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  2. You would be amazed by the instances of greed that I witness in my daily job. The actions of a very tiny minority are having an impact on the huge majority of kind, compassionate people who really do care about their fellow humans. Almost all of my customers, to whom I deliver groceries, are VERY appreciative and are helping their friends, neighbours and families to stay safe and happy. One or two are spoiling it for the rest. If only they’d step back and think about the consequences of their actions. My optimistic hope is that they will.

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  3. It was a relief to see the supermarkets far more stocked when I went shopping on Monday (before the lockdown), Eloise. And I’ve read reports today (Thursday), that not only are many still well-stocked, but quiet, too. It’s good to see that many supermarkets now have a policy of only allowing so many people into the store at the same time, and then one out, one in.

    So thrilled to see that your writers’ club has taken off and can be done online. I know it’ll be keeping many children occupied while at home. I wish you much success with it.

    Stay safe, and look after yourselves.

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    • I’m glad you got a chance to get your shopping done Hugh. I went out yesterday and it was still pretty busy this side. Not many people were thinking of social distancing so I kept farting through the aisles, trying to reach products before someone came close. It was rather stressful because we washed everything that came into the house and I’m distancing myself from the family in case someone had it that touched me yesterday. I can’t risk Alex getting it as he has severe asthma.
      Stay safe and keep well Hugh. 🌸💗

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