Little Napoleon

Have you ever met a little Napoleon?

There are so many times in life when I have encountered people who have some kind of issue, whether it’s because of the colour of my skin or the way I talk, to the fact that I’m given roles above my qualifications because I strive to perform and deliver when challenged. These little Napoleons find it a bitter pill to swallow and go out of their way to make my life a misery because of it.

Stretch your neck out chick and watch it get chopped off!

That’s how I feel right now.

What is wrong with extending yourself beyond certified capabilities? What is so threatening about a person who fills gaps and fixes holes even if she’s not a builder? I can’t understand these vitriolic members of society who take great pains to insult others and bring them down, or remind them of their documented limitations.

I think you can guess that I’m angry. In fact, I’m furious. But, I refuse to be brought down by a small minority. It’s their own pain, self-doubt or misguided beliefs that bring them down.

Perseverance is the key right now, and honesty and patience. Soon enough, they trip over their own feet. Well, let’s hope my little Napoleon doesn’t completely destroy my fleet of dreams before sanity and hopefully some higher authority step in.

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15 responses to “Little Napoleon

  1. Coming up against people with inferiority complexes is always difficult because they defend their own dysfunctions to the hilt no matter what, but stay strong, Eloise, and believe in yourself and your own ability: Don’t let your little Napoleon grind you down… sending a big virtual hug your way ❤

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  2. Napoleon complexes with small minds, too. Don’t let them get you down.

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  3. Ugh… I’ve known some of those myself, Mello. One was a petite woman who was out of control with “power” (favoritism) gone to her head. She was screaming at me on the phone over some minor detail that she didn’t like. I quietly told her…”It’s nice when your little, because people think they can’t fight back. They can’t have any pride and stand up to someone smaller than them,” … I could feel her smug satisfaction with that comment, so I went on to say…”I don’t have that kind of pride.” Stunned silence on her end. Then I hung up on her. Later she called back, still being ugly. I just hung up again. After that she apologized for yelling. That part doesn’t usually happen.
    I’m not saying you can or should do that. But I hope telling it made you smile. Hugs on the wing.

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    • Thank you. You don’t know how close to the truth that is with my situation. After a few years of this, I’m beginning to wear through my patience. I don’t like retaliation, especially at work but I think I’ve had enough now. You’re the second person to tell me to stand up. I think I shall. Hugs on the wing my dear friend. Thank you again for sound advice.


      • There are no “shoulds” Mello. No one but you can know all the details of your situation. All you can do is what you think you have to do.
        Somehow or other, I apparently look like “Alice in Wonderland” no matter how old I get. When people think they see “sweet” they tend to push too far, think they can take advantage, or bully. Usually I can stand my ground without getting too… audacious. However there have been times that I was so fed up that I was beyond caring if my audacity cost me my job. So, as I say, only you can know what’s right for your situation. But I’m sending a huge hug. ❤

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      • That’s very true.

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  4. Oh, goodness, yes, I’ve met a couple of little Napoleon’s in my time. One was a ‘friend’ who seemed to have a need to belittle me all the time and even when she sounded like she was saying something nice, it really wasn’t. We are no longer friends. It’s not easy to know how to tackle it but I’m sure you’ll find the strength to do what you need to do. Good luck.

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  5. Toxic people are on the increase… 🙂 Worse when they have some sor tof position of power… Let it slide. Or better, laugh at them… Best of luck.

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  6. sort of… (Sorry for the typo… Type too fast for my skills) 😉

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