Vitriol, chamomile for my soul

Sour tasting words expounded,

Sweet saccharine sounds;

A melody of chaffing rhetoric,

Holding you, tightly bound.


Well-deserved arsenic floating –

Sprinkled? No, just poured;

Justified by your ignorance:

Bloated and willfully flawed.


Vitriol shared like your ineptitude

Insinuated through virtuous pleas

Chamomile tea, just like truth, is brewed;

A sip, as your ashes catch the breeze.


8 responses to “Vitriol, chamomile for my soul

  1. simply beautiful lines and words…wow

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  2. Woah! Remind me not to mess with you, Mello! 😀 This is perfectly done. I’m in awe. Hugs on the wing.

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  3. A cacophony of words, love it Eloise and shall reblog …

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