Thursday, already?

I have started about three of four blog posts of the past few days, hoping to catch up with you and tell you all about the events from last week and what has been happening this week, to no avail. Sickly sprogs sprouting things that they shouldn’t, time turning the crank and speeding up every moment, my to-do list growing by the second – the cards were against me writing to you until now. Exhaustion is not an option as there is still so much to do and so little time.

Whining over. Where do I begin? Oh yes! The events last week. They were awesome because the librarians went out of their way to make them a success. I had several opportunities to tell a tale during my storytelling/arts and crafts session in the morning. From just one child listed as signed up for the event, I ended up with nine little ones participating in making Scats, Cecils and Mirandas whilst listening to my tales weaving them all together in an exciting adventure for Halloween. With hands full of goodies and one little girl even taking my skeleton and copy of Space Dust with her, they all waved good-bye and happily skipped out of the library dangling their rainbow ribbon trails and characters for their mums and dads to enjoy at pick up time. The afternoon event was a bit more laid back. We had  few ladies turn up to ask us questions about writing for children and finding out more about independent publishing versus traditional. It was both informative and fun and I got the opportunity to meet a lovely author and an illustrator on the panel. I’m hoping to book the author for a school visit to talk to my year 5’s next year.

On Friday I took the leap and started my NanoWrimo project for this year. What I didn’t realise was the lack of time I have this month. Working, mentoring, being mum and going on a school trip next week is going to eat into an extra time I have. Without mentioning the studying and another course I’ve signed up to for the month of November and December, I think it’s safe to say my plate is full!

It’s not worth looking at the cup half empty analogy after mentioning a full plate but I will point out that I’m very lucky. I have so much to do and most of those things listed are things I love to do, so it’s win-win! Plus, I haven’t told you about my mentoring. When I have reached the low points in my day and I feel like crying and giving up, I think of the incredibly talented ladies I have the pleasure of assisting on their journey into writing. One has written her first children’s story, which is a real whopper, and is preparing to write the next book in the series. The other has created her imaginery world where her strong female lead is ready to take on the world and show it who’s boss! The third writer is tentatively creating her children’s book and slowly gaining confidence in herself as a writer. My happiest moments this week have been watching, listening or reading their feedback on their progress. Knowing that I’ve inspired someone to believe in herself and create a part of herself in book form is special. I can’t wait to continue guiding them on their journey into the printed world and whether they will go traditional or indie. One has already specified that she wants me to help her publish her own books. It’s still too early for the other two to think about, but I have information at the ready for them to make informed decisions. After all, being a mentor isn’t about making choices for them; it’s about empowering them and giving them the right tools to make decisions for the future and for their writing.

Well, that’s all my happy news. The not so great stuff will be bagged and binned and I shall continue my week with a smile – try to do the same!

Thanks for stopping by and catching up. Let me know what you’ve been up to over the past few days.

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  1. 😜😄😄😄😄

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  2. Hope all is well Eloise



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  3. Busy woman! Truly inspiring. I am currently working on a special new book, different than anything I have ever published before. Mentoring a woman writing her first book and I entered the Carrot Ranch Rodeo (2 of them) and that was totally out of my comfort zone. ❤

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