Free Write – Limber limber limber

Pigtails. Snot trails. Black cat. Soap hat – hatricks that you mix with the may weather, fay weather friends that bend into a frenzy of fun and hostile antics. Mix up the coal dust, choke on the spray lay down on my frown, no sound just the clown going round.

Okay. Now that I have limbered up my brain and followed the weird and wonderful clusters of words spilling out, here is my first attempt at a new event: The Halloween Circle.

Scat looked up. It was the middle of the night and all the stars twinkled like fairy lights in the blackened sky. He knew that it was time – time to join the Halloween circle. Only the shadows whispered about this special circle. No one knew who belonged to it or what the members did – only that it was a necessary rite of passage for any black cat worth his whiskers.

Leaping up the wall surrounding Arden White Elementary, he skirted past the silver birch trees shivering in the evening breeze. A light was shining in the playground. That was the meeting point. Without a sound, his soft paws landed on the bouncy asphalt and proceeded towards the year 6 class where Cecil, Thomas and Bertha has wreaked havoc earlier in the year during the Easter Sticky Competition. Even now, poor Mr Barns (the year 6 teacher) quivered at the thought of Easter and refused to teach the class if a child named Cecil was included in the collective. Scat smiled, showing his yellowed fangs. He did not agree with all the things that Cecil and his gang did but it was rather funny when Mr Barns sat on the whoopee cushion, sending him into a right tizz!

A figure leapt out of the shadows of the building. Scat nearly dropped his dinner in fright. Phew! It was only Babylock, the little Hair from Hairington.

“Hello Scat! I’m so happy to see you.”

Scat purred in response, trying not to get Babylock stuck in his fur.

“Are you ready to join the Circle?” Babylock asked, beckoning him forward towards the light in the centre of the playground. Scat could make out more figures dancing and waving around the flames that lit the area. The smell of smoke and marshmallows wafted towards him, making his tummy grumble. If only he had eaten all of his tea before starting his journey, he wouldn’t be so hungry. Instead, he had shared it with Bruiser, the big ginger cat from up the lane. He had started out as a bully, but once Scat got to know him, he found out that he was just a hungry kitty with bad owners who didn’t feed him properly.

Scat nodded at Babylock and made his way to an open space around the fire. Faces lit by the flickering flames smiled at him. He could see Emporer Pigtails ordering everyone into place, Miranda flicking her wild hair back as she danced past Cecil and his gang and of course, Ms Crow, who looked like she belonged in those whispering shadows.


To be continued…


2 responses to “Free Write – Limber limber limber

  1. Oh I love your brain-limbering exercises Eloise! 🙂

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