Free Write -Salutations

Good morning. Such a simple thing to say and yet it can open up doors to new opportunities and friendships. Working on your smile as you deliver that greeting; not too much teeth and maybe a little less slur. Yup, got it just right. The receiver smiles back and responds accordingly. You are in the zone. If you were telephones you would be buzzing with excitement at the prospect of the open channels. What more do you need? A follow through? Maybe a brisk, “Fine morning this morning, isn’t it?” before the receiver walks off to continue the day. Oh no! Too many wordy words, morning – morning. What were you thinking? Can you take it back with a smile? No. It’s too late. You can see the connection fading with the brief but polite nod and smirk, those feet shuffling further away from you and the almost invisible hunch of the shoulders telling you to back off! Next time, just stick with the Good Morning and leave it there.

5 responses to “Free Write -Salutations

  1. Good morning! (OK, Trent, just nod and smile, don’t push it 😉 ).

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