Free Writing – Day three

Same as before, this serves as a warning that some content may be offensive or weird, or just downright awful to read. For those of you following this process, you’ll know I’m a day late and sounding a lot less enthusiastic. Well, it’s not so much the writing – it’s finding the time and energy to do it, which was part of the whole learning perspective!

So, I’m starting this one early to make up for last night’s lack of inspiration and I will do another this evening.

Here goes…

Trigger word: motivation

It all sounds like fun to begin with but once the scope of the project has been revealed, that sense of alacrity soon diminishes like the vibrant colours of sunset fading into the night. You try to hold on to that sense of warmth and endeavour, but it slips through your fingers like smoke. I wish I had the same drive my killer antagonists have when hunting their prey. There is no sufferance on their part to keep their hunger, their motivation to succeed. Why can’t I have that? I giggle out loud at the prospect of hunting down my projects and lasciviously lurking around prospective readers, pouncing at every opportunity to force them to read my work, straining their eyelids open till they ‘see’ the story in front of them and agree it’s good. I fear that is what’s required since my marketing skills lack any momentous motivation to move forward. Like a cheap one night stand, the crack and fizzle is over before the bang. I stand here, deflated and wondering what will be the right mix for success…and still await an answer.

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