Blast Off with Space Dust Blog Tour

It’s time! Let’s all climb aboard Big Ox’s canoe for a trip across the ether. Our mission: to spread the word about Space Dust’s debut and enjoy exploring the characters and extraordinary creatures they discover in the story.

So, grab the spoon and off we go up the rainbow ribbon trail to Lorraine Mace’s blog where we will stop for an interview and story share before sailing away to our next blog.

Keep your eyes peeled for free copies of the book along the way.

Let’s go! We’re off to Lorraine’s! Click on her book pic or name and away we go!

5 responses to “Blast Off with Space Dust Blog Tour

  1. I tried to comment at Lorraine’s blog but I am not sure if it worked. A great post, Eloise. I can’t believe you have written 23 books. That is amazing.

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  2. Enjoy your journey Eloise

    Luas dia I do thuras


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