Evening of Empowerment

Write to Inspire

I am very much looking forward to being one of the three invited speakers at Orange Rose Agency’s Evening of Empowerment at the Red Lion Hotel in Basingstoke on Tuesday evening.

For my part, I shall be talking about the motivation and inspiration that led me to write and self-publish my two novels, Eleven Miles (inspired by Boikanyo Trust Phenyo) and Knitting Can Walk! (set in Hong Kong in the seventies).

Come along and join in. There’ll be plenty of opportunity put your questions to me and the other two local authors, Gillian Fountain and Kim Searle. We will be signing copies of our books at the end of the event.

EMPOWERMENT – ‘are you ready to be different’ is our next event. It’s for those looking to make changes in their lives and develop their confidence and also imp

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3 responses to “Evening of Empowerment

  1. Thanks for spreading the word!
    Hoping that people hear about the event and we get a good turnout.

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  2. Keep leading your actions with conviction Eloise

    I bid you good journey




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