What happens when Mum forgets to say good-bye?

The pressure of balancing work and home life is something most parents juggle on a daily basis. Sometimes the morning rush means good-byes are forgotten in the midst of drop offs and rushing to work. Little One is left behind with so many worries: will Mummy come back? Where has she gone? Why did she have to go?

All you need is Big Ox, his canoe and his absolute favourite spoon to take you away from your worries. Sail away into a world of fantasy and fact as Big Ox takes Little One on an adventure in space where they hope to wave hello to Mum and hopefully disperse those worries.

— Read on http://www.amazon.co.uk/Space-Dust-Eloise-Sousa/dp/0244808430/ref=mp_s_a_1_1

3 responses to “What happens when Mum forgets to say good-bye?

  1. I am completely sympathise with this! I always try and make sure I let my little one know where everyone is and when grandparents etc go home I try and make sure they have said goodbye so he doesn’t think people have disappeared!

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    • It was the inspiration for my book. I remember my mum heading off to work in a rush and sometimes forgetting I needed that extra hug and reassurance she would come back to me. I thought it might be a nice reflection story for children and parents, and celebrating the loving relatives and carers who go the extra mile to care for the children when parents can’t always be there.

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  2. Sounds magical reminds me of Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox ….yes



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