Monday Coffee

Come, sit next to me. The coffee house is packed today because of the dreary weather outside. Take in that strong aroma of coffee beans mingling and inter-twining with the flaky, baked pastries and sweet cakes. I’ve ordered your beverage already, so let’s catch up.

It doesn’t feel as if two weeks have passed since we last caught up but it has. Days are morphing into one and the concept of time has slowly eluded our household as bedtimes are no longer strictly adhered to. We are taking advantage of having older sprogs who don’t need to be chased to bed – well, not always.

The only anchor tethering is to reality has been the Reading Challenge sessions – I look forward to each one and the not stressing part is getting better each time. I might actually let go of the knot in my stomach at some point. Who am I kidding? That’s part of the fun!

The sprogs have taken vegging to a whole new level. School days have been thrown out the window and long, drawn out sessions in front of the television, or dog walks that last hours are the new lifestyle. A ridiculous amount of food is consumed on a daily basis by young and old alike. Saying that, my greatest wish is for Chinese food. I can’t explain the craving but the need is constant.

Millie has taken to the new routine like a duck to water. Her wake up call get me up at seven and after a quick traipse through the dewy grass, she returns to our bed, muddy paws and all, to continue her sleep time till ten or eleven. The cats, on the other hand, are not so kind. Reminders that their food bowl is empty comes at 3, 5 and 7 in the morning. Unfortunately, they have found a language us humans understand: their infernal meowing! It’s a sure thing if they cry at the tops of their voices, some human will grudgingly trudge down the stairs to feed them on demand. They have us well trained.

I have made excellent progress on reformatting Space Dust. Once I receive my proof copy confirming everything is ship shape in the new book size (the original did not allow global sales through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Ingram), the book will be available to purchase across the platforms, including Lulu. The disappointing news is I have had to charge more for the book due to publication costs. The good news is I’ll be able to offer discounts. So, for my avid readers, hopefully this will balance it out.

Tell me about your week and what you’ve been up to.

9 responses to “Monday Coffee

  1. Sounds like you are having a good summer holiday with the writing and the sprigs. Just s thought on the cats how about automatic cat feeders. You fill them up and they refill when empty.😁💜💜

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  2. Lovely post and sorry about your cats’ insistence on being fed at silly hours but I fully understand that it must be done! My week means a return to the blogosphere after a self-imposed sabbatical to finish writing a local history book and working as a seasonal museum attendant. The job is still ongoing but the book is done and I can breathe.

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  3. Thanks for the coffee and conversation, Mello. I haven’t had good Chinese food in such a long time. My usual place went out of business nearly a year ago. Then i moved across the country. I have no idea if any of the local places are good. It will soon be time to find out! 😀 Hugs on the wing.

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  4. It sounds peaceful and reenergising, Eloise. We are heading off on holiday in a few days and I can’t wait.

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