Inspiration at 3am

This poem woke me up and wouldn’t leave me alone. The rhythm feels slightly off towards the last line but it insists it’s following the pattern of lilting and drifting, rhyming within to produce sound and feeling.

Let me know what you think.

Keep on rubbing away my self belief;

Leave me hollow, a vacuous leaf drifting

Through time with no purpose, no-one to declare

My self worth was something there, now lost

In what you have bequeathed to me.

My so-called partner through life – whose

purpose was in defending me, at any cost,

Your lover, protecting her from harm; such charm

Now just a shadow, rinsed free.

I’m going back to sleep now!

8 responses to “Inspiration at 3am

  1. Ah, very poignant and powerful, Eloise.

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  2. Yes indeed, powerful, deep and I feel a strong sadness there.💜💜

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  3. So much feeling, leaves a funny feeling in the pit of my tummy!

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