Monday Corrrfffeee!

It’s a beautiful day here in south east England and there’s a freshly boiled kettle waiting for us to fill our mugs. Join me in the garden for a coffee and catch up.

It has been a relaxing first week of the holidays. Our pool arrived in time for the hot weather, providing the sprogs with enough incentive to splash around in the cold water. I braved its cool blue depths on the hottest day, surreptitiously plunging in while the sprogs fought over towels and chairs to sunbathe. We ended up playing fish in the barrel whilst soaking up the last rays of sun creeping across the garden.

Wednesday’s heat brought an electric storm with enough power to wake the whole neighbourhood. Millie was absolutely terrified, spending most of the night in my arms. We dozed off at about 3am – me clutching trembling doggy limbs as sleep overtook my already over-stimulated consciousness.

There were soggy days interspersed with humid heat that stuck to the skin like a flies to paper. I love the heat but the humidity is a killer. All inspiration to write evaporated in those sweaty hours.

This week has a bit more momentum to it with interest in Space Dust from a fellow writer making my day. Preparations are in progress for the October Children’s Literary Festival which gives me the exciting opportunity of showcasing my books and running fun workshops. I’m looking forward to meeting more children’s authors and immersing myself in a new experience – marketing my books in person!

How was your week? What do you have planned for this week. I’ll refill our mugs while you fill me in.

4 responses to “Monday Corrrfffeee!

  1. Excellent Eloise I like my Black with 2 raw sugars ! lol

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  2. How are things ? When are you going to start working on your S.K pathology I am anxiously awaiting .


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