Monday Coffee

Good morning. It’s the first Monday of the school holidays and that thrill of excitement is running through my veins: no work! So, grab your coffee cup and let’s get a refill and catch up.

Now that we’ve found a free table, I can’t wait to share my news with you. Before I dive into a frenzy of featured plans for the next six weeks, I have to share my weekend with you as it held so many exciting events.

Saturday morning was a mad race to get to two locations on time. The first was my Summer Reading Challenge Story time at the main branch of my local library. Thankfully, I got there a few minutes early. There had been a rush to get the family ready for our next destination and a quick walk for Millie (our dog) who needed to have a decent day too.

When I arrived at the library, a buzz filled the air from families who had come to take part in colouring in rockets and other space themed pictures. My hands were shaking at the contemplation of facing these new faces and reading a book I had only tested on familiar children who are extremely kind and attentive.

My biggest regret was not bringing enough material about myself and my books to the event. The reason I left it all behind was I didn’t want to distract from the actual reading and theme of the day. Alas, I missed a trick because the helpful librarians had set up a table and chair in preparation for my promotional material. It’s a good lesson to learn and a mistake I will not repeat.

The reading itself was great; the children were of mixed ages – some young enough to require their parents to keep a wary eye as they toddled about. By the end of the story, they were able to show me their best rainbow ribbon trails, their dancing sea horses doing loop-de-loops, and, of course, their fire bear roars!

I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my book with them and even chatted a little with the remaining parents putting shoes back on little feet. Though it was a short time, the experience taught me a few things which I will definitely use at my next reading event.

As we sip our coffee and think about this weekend, I’d love to know if you’ve ever had to present something to a crowd and what was your take away from the experience?

Continuing on my Saturday adventure, it was time to get a move on for the next event. Once the reading session was over, I was back in the car and jetting across the motorway to a cousin’s wedding. Even though the Hubble drove like batman, we didn’t make it in time for the service, only arriving at the church as the last guests were making their way to the wedding reception.

After checking the church, we punched in the next postcode and raced across town to the reception located 20 minutes away on the gps. A gathering of well-dressed, polished guests milling about the car park confirmed we had arrived. The wedding party looked stunning in soft greys, cream and of course, the bride’s elegant white dress.

It was a real treat seeing family from far and wide. Being scattered across the world means only on special occasions like this do we gather at the same watering hole for a few hours before dispersing back into the diaspora, vanishing from view only to pop up on Facebook with occasional updates.

The sprogs were very excited to see their cousins and, by the end of the evening, wore contented smiles as we stole away from the festivities with warm hearts and sore feet from all the dancing. The drive home was a noisy affair with the sprogs continuing the party music in the car.

All in all, Saturday was a very long but incredibly good day. As we drain the last dregs of coffee and prepare to part, I’d like to wish you a fantastic week ahead and hope to catch up again soon.

8 responses to “Monday Coffee

  1. So happy for you! It’s always great to get positive feedback from your readers- even better when it’s face-to-face 🙂

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  2. Phew that was a busy day.💜

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  3. It sounds like a great event, Eloise.

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