Space Dust

It’s here! My blood, sweat and tears arrived today in the post and I’m so pleased with how it turned out.

The setting is as close to perfect as I can get it and my illustrations have come to life on the white, glossy pages. The true test, of course, will be whether the children engage with the book and if the story fires their imaginations. After testing it on my book club members and year Reception at school, I have optimistic hopes of getting them to love this story as much as I do.

Now the fun part: this story was written for the library service in my borough, inspired by their theme Space Chase. I didn’t want to write a generic book about racing through space and instead, took inspiration from the imaginings of the children as they gazed up at the moon. Is it made of cheese? Does it have alien trees?

Using these ideas and brainstorming with Mark Hickling, one of our teachers at my school, and my youngest sprog, a new concept was born. I created Little One – a character who could be a boy or girl, giving the story a gender neutral balance. Little One’s mum has gone away and, like most young children at some point in their lives, Little One feels as if the separation is for a long time. Big Ox, the adult in charge, decides to take Little One on an adventure to help his tiny friend cope with Mum’s absence. What better way to occupy the mind of a small person than take them in a canoe ride across space, using Big Ox’s absolute favourite spoon as an oar?

This space story aims to entertain young and old alike with various visions of space through eyes that aren’t jaded by time or a lack of imagination; instead it inspires silly questions and adventure.

If you’d like to order your copy of Space Dust, click on the pic below. It will take you to my author site with all my book titles available to purchase.

Thank you for stopping by.

30 responses to “Space Dust

  1. Eloise! Congratulations … I shall buy it for my Grandson, we can read till he is old enough to understand. Wonderful. Fabulous. May your sales spiral out of control 🙂 !!

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  4. Congratulations, Mello! There’s nothing like finally getting to hold your own book in your hands. And you illustrated it too? Awesome! Double the kudos. Hugs on the wing!

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  5. So very well done 💜💜💜


  6. This sounds like a lovely idea, Eloise. I’ll have to get it on Amazon us as they deliver to South Africa.

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  7. What an absolutely brilliant concept, Eloise, and so thoughtfully implemented. These stories should have mass, international appeal. Your own illustrations are so personal to you, yet they are bound to open many young eyes wide with delight. I hope that this series takes you into the big time. You deserve it for all that hard work. Well done!

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  8. Reblogged this on Write to Inspire and commented:
    I am so proud of my friend, Eloise De Sousa, for coming up with this absolutely brilliant concept for young children. It is so thoughtfully implemented. I expect that these stories will have a mass, international appeal. Her illustrations are bound to open many young eyes wide with delight and amazement. Take a look and buy the book!

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  9. The book looks fabulous, wishing you every success with it 💜💜💜

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  10. Wow, how wonderful Eloise. Wishing you much success. 🙂

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  11. Awesome Eloise

    I am thrilled it turn out well for your Amiga I to been busy infusing all aspects of
    Devil’s Kiss of Death bringing the characters together .

    Hit me up when you have a chance



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  12. Nigel De Souza

    Interesting concept! I think it’s overlooked how easily our thought process and outlook on things change with age, interested to see how it pans out. Best of luck!

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  14. Congratulations x I would like two signed copies. One for my newest Grandson and one for my daughters office. ( head mistresses secret library) where children can (if they have acheived something very good) and be read to by Lisa. As director of primary for the district your book would get to any or all of the 5 schools she oversees. Can we pm on FB messanger to find a way to do this as I am in the UK.

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